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How to check whether there is a pinhole camera in the hotel room? Single girls must see

When we travel or travel, it is inevitable that we need to live in hotels and other places. Recently, there have been frequent videos shot in hotels, which makes us feel very uneasy when we stay in hotels. Many of these videos are shot through pinhole cameras! So how to check whether there is a pinhole camera in the hotel room? In fact, it can be easily done with a mobile phone.

It's really hard to see them if you don't check them carefully. They are hidden in air conditioners, lampshades, ceilings, make-up mirrors, smoke sensors, vases, sockets, TV stands, etc., especially the equipment and furnishings facing the bed.

1. The first step is to check the cat's eyes on the door. Inspection method: from the outside to the inside, observe whether the cat's eyes have moved hands and feet; from the inside out, observe whether the line of sight is clear and unobstructed. A peephole camera may be installed in the cat's eye that has moved hands and feet (a kind of reverse lens that can be seen from the outside). It is better to put a small wad of paper in the cat's eye and remove it when necessary. If someone knocks but no one is seen in the cat's eye, don't open the door, but call the front desk.

2. The wireless network in the hotel also has a certain risk coefficient. When connecting to the wireless network in the hotel, it's best to set the payment software networking mode to only allow the connection traffic, otherwise the money in the payment software may be stolen.

3. Pinhole cameras most pinhole cameras use infrared to capture images at night. With this, you can close the doors and windows and leave the room dark. Turn on the camera function of mobile phone, turn around the room, and carefully check the dead corner of the room, ceiling, TV, air conditioning, etc., especially the facilities facing the bed. If a red dot is found on the mobile phone, it indicates that it is a camera.

4. About hotel hygiene. Don't believe in 'disinfected' toilet supplies: hotel slippers (especially recycled plastic slippers), bathroom non slip mats, toilets & middot; & middot; & middot; these are items rarely disinfected and cleaned by cleaners. In addition, if you use the toilet, you must use the toilet pad. There is a disposable toilet cushion for travel on a treasure, which is cheap and sanitary. Bathtub, mouthwash cup, these articles must be cleaned before use. The bathtub can call the cleaner to clean it again! It's really not good. There's a disposable bathtub bath bag on a treasure!

5. Room supplies. After going in, first check whether the bedding has any sundries or no traces of replacement. If you find that the bedding has not been replaced, you can call the front desk and ask for replacement. If you are still worried about health problems, you can also bring your own travel sleeping bag, which is light and convenient. You can also bring a long sleeved Pajama suit, similarly, slippers can also bring one-off, a treasure also has. In addition to the bed, the carpet in the room is also better not to step on it barefoot. The carpet with incomplete knot cleaning is a good place to hide small things. It is easy to get hurt when stepping on the carpet barefoot.

6. It's better to have these things on your own. The thermos cup (at the same time solves the sanitary problems of electric kettle and water cup), bath and travel clothes, towels, disinfecting wipes or disinfectant spray, mosquito repellent water · · ·

Don't use hot water bottles in hotel rooms! Don't use hot water bottles in hotel rooms! Don't use hot water bottles in hotel rooms! Say important things three times, don't explain!