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What is the original name of the North King car? Is the friend of the North King friend?

Recently, the most vibrant thing to do is to count the number of cars in the north. Many netizens are also curious about what the real name of Wang Bei car is. Wang Bei car has a girlfriend? Is this information many netizens do not want to know? Let's get together and find out.

Wang Beiche was born in Harbin on March 20, 1995. He is only 23 years old this year and graduated from Harbin Normal University. But he has very rich stage experience. He once participated in the happy male voice program under the name of Wang Zhaodong, but there is not much information on the Internet. As the popularity is on the rise, many netizens are also turning on gossip radar. Someone found out that he had participated in a video show of big city and small love, and his height and career were also fully exposed.

According to online video, he fell in love with a 23-year-old girl whose height was 162, a music assistant in a big city and a small love show. He sang for her, but was refused to fight. Because he said that he could not remember the micro signal, it caused a heated discussion among the audience. And this program is in January 2017. The editor didn't find the specific issue, but you can search Wang Zhaodong, a big city, and Xiao AI. There are online videos.

Many netizens commented on Wang Beiche as follows: he dodged Fei Qiming, bypassed Gao Huohuo and passed by the modern brothers, but failed to miss your new online celebrity.