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Forbes celebrity income list 2018 Forbes celebrity income list

On July 17, according to the new world Forbes celebrity income list released by foreign media in 2018, American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather topped the list with us $285 million. So who are the top three? Let's take a look at the full list.

Actor George Clooney ranks second with $239 million, and American celebrity Kelly Jenna with $166.5 million. Superstar Messi ranks eighth with $111 million, and Chloe ranks tenth with $108 million. In the top 20 of Forbes celebrity income list, NBA only has LeBron James. He ranks 17th with $85.5 million, The top 20 celebrities with the highest incomes of Forbes in 2018 are listed as follows:

1. Freud Mayweather US $285 million; George Clooney US $239 million; Kelly Jenna US $166.5 million at 20 years old; Judy hindlin US $147 million; stone Johnson US $124 million; U2 US $118 million; Coldplay US $115.5 million; Macy US $111.0 million; ed Hiran US $110.0 million; Cristiano Ronaldo US $108.0 million USD; 11. Mars $100 million; 12. Connor McGregor $99 million; 13. Neymar $90 million; 13. Howard Stern $90 million; 15. Allen DeGeneres $87.5 million; 16. James Patterson $86 million; 17. LeBron James $85.5 million; 18. Rush Limbaugh $84.5 million; 19. Justin Bieber $83.5 million; 20. Kay Limbaugh T-perry $83 million.

Chloe and Messi

From the new list of global Forbes celebrity income in 2018 released by foreign media, American boxing champion Mayweather came back last year and ranked the top of the list with only one cross-border competition income. His gold absorption ability is the most in the world. His income of $285 million is higher than that of the two most dazzling super stars in the football world, Colo and Messi. The combined income of $1111 and colo is only $208 million $19 million.