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Simple ways to improve your memory

In the previous martial arts TV series, there used to be people who can't forget their martial arts scripts once, and then they can become masters of martial arts. We admire it so much, why their memory is so good. Of course, in real life, such people are rare, but there are many good people in memory. How can we improve our memory? The following editor will teach you some ways to improve your memory in life.

Supplement nutrition. Supplement nutrition doesn't mean that we need to supplement blindly, but that in normal times, we can eat more brain food, which is very helpful to improve memory, such as pineapple, orange, egg, fish, etc. In addition, we have to eat breakfast on time every day, and we need nutrition, so as to keep our day full and keep our memory in the best condition.

Interest memory. Einstein said that interest is the best teacher. In learning, we will always grasp the things we are interested in faster and remember more firmly. Obviously, when the brain performs its memory function, what it is interested in often performs better. In this regard, we can close our eyes in our spare time and carefully search for what we are interested in, and then write as many answers as possible on paper. This can lead our brain to think actively and excavate information, which is helpful for us to improve our memory.

Record memories If the memory is not good, we can draw a table by ourselves and divide the time of the day into small segments. For example, 12 hours a day, divided into 12 segments. Each period is one hour, and then in each hour, we can record what we do. At the end of the day, then let yourself think about how we spent the day at different times. In the long run, we not only distribute our lives reasonably, but also exercise our brain's memory ability.