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Why does the quick Dudu sister get so angry? How to make a small video with sister Dudu?

For those who like to watch the jitter, have they been downed by Dudu recently? Because a mouth Dudu overnight burst red Dudu sister, once again brush burst everyone's three views. In just a few days, the fans surged to millions, and the old people who just opened the live broadcast connected with the quick hands were all in support. So, how does she get angry?

It is reported that the quick Dudu elder sister has sung a mouth and Dudu burst red.

"Dudu elder sister" released a video in a quick hand, a beep music is quite brainwashed, coupled with Dudu sister like a big mouth like a facial expression bag, so that "toot sister" fire all over the network, and the "Dudu sister" released Dudu video playback volume reached about ten million of the broadcast volume, can be comparable to the broadcast of a large anchor of a platform.

Because a "mouths beep" explosion red network occupy the fast popular, countless net red and her co video of the Dodge sister, just a few days time fans broke through 1 million 600 thousand, just started broadcasting popularity to break through 100 thousand +, now the broadcast is breaking through the 1 million + popularity.

Why do you have such a quick fire? Why do you have such a big fire? Dudu sister in your mouth is also called a good and plain girl. She is so popular because she has taken a video. This video has attracted the attention of all the fast hands, and many big nets have gone to support her.

These big net Reds include Sanda elder brother, Qi Tiandao, Wu Di, Qiu Qiu, Liu Dami and so on. On the fast hand, there was a sudden burst of mouth, and the fire was terrible.

It's not easy to talk about Dudu. She's a single mother with a child. Now the fans are rising by millions and millions in the past few days, and they are still climbing. Yesterday, her live broadcast broke through one million people. What's the concept? Many big netred people with their own team performances can't reach one million, and sister Dudu is still live alone. Dudu sister's appearance completely let the fast hands lively, last night, Qi Tian Dao opened the live broadcast also said that the fast hand has not been so busy for a long time, now whether it is big or small net red or users know that there is such a person.

How do you do the same?

Step 1: find the original video and click to watch it. There is a & middot; & middot; & middot; button on the top of the video. Click

Step 2: pop up the "shoot in the same frame together" option below. Select to enter the same frame to shoot. Your video will be on the left, her video will be on the right. Save after shooting

Step 3: her name is "kind, plain and cute". After you search, you can see that the video below is the video. You can take pictures together according to the above process