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Why hasn't the college entrance examination notice been received? Issuing time of 2018 college entra

From the beginning of July, the admission notices of 2018 college entrance examination universities will be issued and mailed in succession. College entrance examination admission notice is an important information for college entrance examination students, but up to now, there are still many candidates who haven't received the admission notice. What's the matter? Let's get to know.

Issuing time of college entrance examination admission notice

The admission of 2018 college entrance examination in all provinces and cities will start in early July, and the admission notice of college entrance examination will also start in early July, and will be distributed by mail according to different batches. Candidates can inquire about admission on the official website of education examination institutes in various provinces and cities or on the enrollment website of the school they are applying for. After confirmation of admission, they can inquire about the admission notice.

What should I do if I don't receive the notice?

If you find that you have been admitted through the channel announced by the provincial / Municipal Education Examination Institute, but you have not received the admission notice, there may be the following reasons:

1. The address is unknown or the phone is blocked. The postman can't deliver it.

2. The notice is mailed to the senior high school and collected by your head teacher, the teacher of the academic affairs office or the doorman.

3. Some rural post offices didn't deliver their notices on time. You can go to the post office of the town to check. It may not have been delivered yet.

Inquiry method of college entrance examination admission notice

Candidates who have been admitted can check the email status of the college entrance examination admission notice through EMS. Other query methods include:

(1) Tel: 11183 service hotline of China Post

(2) SMS: send SMS' CD + email number 'to 11183 for email query

(3) Website: enter EMS official website