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What's wrong with being a ghost and not letting go of your ex? Who is Jay Chou's ex boyfriend and gi

At Jay Chou's concert, the ex boyfriend of DIS, a female fan, said that she would not let go of her ex when she participated in a blind date program recently. I wonder if her ex boyfriend will have psychological shadow after watching it?

The woman recently joined in a blind date program and yelled again, 'I will not let him go even if I am a ghost'.

Last year, a female fan at Jay Chou's concert, before DIS, ordered a song "what kind of man" for each other, which caused a heated discussion.

Recently, the female fan attended a blind date show. Was the host asked last year's matter to calculate the hype? She replied, is the coincidence, the ex boyfriend is her first love, is also the only boyfriend. So she's invested almost all her feelings.

After she confessed that something happened at the concert, her ex boyfriend had asked for her. And yelled at his ex boyfriend again, 'I'm not going to let him go.

In front of tens of thousands of people, dis's ex boyfriend spoke with a strong voice. Overnight, various platforms were crazy about video, and the number of micro blog fans also rose. Up to now, the little fairy is still active in the hot microblog search, but the vast number of users have found some different clues. First of all, she claims to be a Jay Chou fan. There is not a single tweet about Jay Chou, and she does not pay attention to Jay Chou or related users.

And the beauty's microblog is very clean, just some art photos and photos of participating activities.