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What's the difference between Feitian Moutai and Wuxing Moutai? Why is Feitian Moutai more expensive

Maotai liquor, as a national liquor, has a long history in China. What's the difference between Feitian Maotai liquor and general Maotai liquor? There are two kinds of trademarks of "five star" and "Feitian" in Guizhou Maotai liquor. People are used to call Maotai liquor with the trademark of "five star" as "five star Maotai", and Maotai liquor with the trademark of "Feitian" as "Feitian Maotai". What are the differences between five star Maotai and Feitian Maotai?

1、 Two trademark patterns:

2、 Is there any difference in the quality of Maotai liquor between the two brands?

There is no difference in the quality of Maotai liquor between "five star" and "Feitian".

In the packaging workshop of Maotai liquor in Guizhou Province, the same batch of liquor is usually packed in different ways. In the morning, the "five stars" are packed, and in the afternoon, the "flying sky" is packed, or at the same time, the "five stars" are packed by this team, and the "flying sky" is packed by another team. Therefore, the quality of Maotai liquor of the two brands is the same.

3、 Why does Maotai liquor in Guizhou have two kinds of trademarks, namely 'five star' and 'Feitian'?

Since the establishment of local state-owned Moutai distillery in 1951, the trademark of "five stars" has been used all the time. In the 1950s, under the historical conditions of that time, because the new people's Republic of China was surrounded by International Anti China forces, the "five star" trademark pattern was regarded as a "political trademark" by some overseas people, which caused undue discrimination. In 1958, with the approval of the Ministry of light industry of the people's Republic of China, we borrowed the image of "Feitian" from Dunhuang, which has a great influence on the western society, and used the trademark of "Feitian" on the export of Maotai liquor.

With China's growing national strength and international status, especially China's accession to the WTO, the obstacle of "five-star" trademark's independent access to the international market is completely gone. Even some countries' name calling 'want "five-star" Moutai liquor, while "Feitian" Moutai liquor is also used for domestic sales.

Flying Maotai is more expensive than five star Maotai because of the following two reasons:

First, the packaging of the two brands is different.

In terms of packaging, in fact, Moutai winery pays more attention to Feitian. In terms of bottle, packaging and anti-counterfeiting technology, Feitian is better than Wuxing. As for why, it may be that Feitian Moutai was mainly used for export, while Wuxing Moutai is mainly for domestic sales. For export, the wine for foreigners should be upgraded naturally, and the wine for Chinese people is not so particular. Therefore, the current situation has been formed. One more thing, there are two more glasses in Maotai.

When it comes to anti-counterfeiting technology, if you have Maotai at home, you may as well test it to see if it's true. First of all, look at the side of the rubber cap of the wine bottle. If it is a real Moutai, it will be obvious to see the difference between the light and shade through the direct and reverse light. If there is no change in the light and shade, it means it is false.

Second, Feitian Moutai has to pay certain trademark fees.

Feitian Moutai and Wuxing Moutai use two kinds of trademarks. According to relevant people, for each bottle of Feitian Moutai, a certain trademark fee must be paid to a certain group, while Wuxing Moutai has no such fee, so the price is different.