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Rules of the 2018 Russia world cup how does the second place in the world cup come into being?

do you know the rules of the 2018 World Cup? What are the rules of promotion for different teams in the world cup? Let's get to know. There are 64 matches in the world cup, including 48 sub group matches, 8 finals in 1 / 8, 4 finals in 1 / 4, 2 semi-finals, 1 third or fourth place competition and 1 final in the second place championship.

Group stage

Thirty two teams are divided into eight groups by drawing lots. Each group has four teams to compete. Each team must compete with the other three teams and only have one match. Each team has four teams to play six rounds of matches (a1-a2; A1-A3; A1-A4; A2-A3; a2-a4; a3-a4). Each team has 90 minutes, with 3, 1 and 0 points for winning, equaling and negative respectively. The top two teams of each group score to enter the 1 / 8 final of the knockout stage, with 16 teams in total, that is, "top 16".

Each team has four teams, and their ranking is determined according to the following rules:

1. Those with high scores rank first;

2. Top of the group in terms of total goal winner

3. Top of the group in terms of total goals

If there are still two or more teams in parallel according to the above rules, then compare them in the following order to determine the ranking order (for all teams except the parallel teams, only the following rules shall be carried out between the parallel teams):

4. Compare the net winning goals of several teams competing with each other.

If they are still equal:

5. Compare the scores (that is, the win-loss relationship between the two teams) of competing teams, and the winners rank first.

In case of mutual restriction (i.e. a wins B, B wins C, C wins a), then:

6. Compare the total number of goals that the teams play against each other.

If they are still equal:

7. It is up to the Organizing Committee of the world cup to decide in a fair way which team will be promoted (e.g. play offs, drawing lots, etc.).

The first two teams in each group are qualified for the knockout stage.

Knockout stage

The team with more goals in 90 minutes (including the stoppage stage) of the knockout stage wins. If the two sides can't decide the winner in 90 minutes (including the stoppage stage), they will have 15 minute extra time in the first half and 15 minute extra time in the second half. In the extra time stage, if the two teams still don't decide the winner, the winner will be determined by the penalty kick of each player.

In principle, penalty is 5 goals for each side. If it's still the same, it's a goal for each side. The goal winner will win. If it's still not a winner, continue to penalty, and both sides will play another goal until it's won! From here, we can see that the winner and loser of football should be divided no matter what, because each world cup only prepares a bottle of Hercules cup!

The elimination competition system is adopted in the top 16 stage. The arrangement of the elimination competition is as follows:

1/8 finals

Group a first vs group B second = winner 1

Group B first vs group a second = winner 2

Group C first vs. group D second = winner 3

Group D first vs group C second = winner 4

Group e first vs. group F second = winner 5

Group F first vs. group E second = winner 6

Group G first vs. group H second = winner 7

Group H first vs. group G second = winner 8

The winning eight teams made it to the quarter finals, the so-called "top eight"

1/4 finals

Winner 1 vs winner 3 = winner a

Winner 2 vs. winner 4 = winner B

Winner 5 vs. winner 7 = winner C

Winner 6 vs. winner 8 = winner D

The four winning teams in the quarter finals are in the top four


Winner a vs. winner C

Winner B vs. winner D

The two teams that won the semi-final went to the final, and the two teams that lost the final competed for the third place