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Why is it easy to die to raise fish at home? How can goldfish not die?

Fish farming is also a kind of life interest. Fish farming at home can not only cultivate sentiment, but also bring the moral of good wind and smooth water. However, the newly bought goldfish died within a few days. It's really hard. Why does fish farming die? How can fish farming not die?

Disinfect fish tanks regularly

Potassium permanganate solution can be used to disinfect fish tanks. When meeting with organic matters, new ecological oxygen will be released, which has the effect of killing bacteria. Its bactericidal power is very strong, and the commonly used concentration is 1:2000-1:5000 (i.e. 1g potassium permanganate plus 2L ~ 5L water). It should be noted that time should be considered when preparing the solution. Potassium permanganate releases oxygen slowly, and the soaking time must reach 5 minutes to kill the bacteria. Use cold boiled water to prepare the solution. Hot water will fail. After disinfection, it can be used after a little cleaning with water.

Water change time of fish tank

In fact, many friends don't know when is the best time to change the water? Actually, it depends on the situation. When the water starts to change color, there are a lot of floating things on the water surface, or the fish's excreta can't be discharged through the filter device, that's the time to change the water. The time of water change is also very particular. Don't change the water whenever you want. The best time is around 4 p.m., when the fish are full and in a relatively lazy state. This time is the most suitable time for water change.

Cleaning of fish tanks

The tail of summer and the water in the fish tank are very easy to become turbid. At this time, we need to change the water frequently and do a good job in the sanitation of the fish tank. However, we should not pay too much attention to the cleanness of the fish tank. It is not good for goldfish to always keep the water bright and change it often. As long as there is no lack of oxygen in summer, you can change it in 3-5 days, and change the water as the first article of Xiaobian said. Secondly, we can put filter cotton in the fish tank, and if possible, we can also put some fish tank landscapes. Goldfish especially like these landscapes, so that the survival rate of goldfish can be greatly improved.