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What geomancy taboo does office fish have? What kind of fish is better in the office?

for many newly decorated offices, will breeding some tropical fish make the whole office look very stylish? So what kind of fish is better in the office? What's special about office fish culture? Let's get to know.

Office fish culture Fengshui pays attention to the types of fish. It is more suitable for goldfish or Koi in the office. These fish have strong vitality and are more resistant to cultivation. Try not to raise saltwater fish in the office. Although the color is pleasant, it is not easy to take care of.

Fish culture

The total number of fish must be singular. Generally, one, four and seven are more suitable for Fengshui fish, because in terms of five elements, these figures are all beneficial to the growth of water and the growth of fish.

The color of fish culture in the office is the most suitable for choosing the golden, white, black, blue or silver Fengshui fish, because these colors can reflect the harmful light out, so as to keep the air field in the office clean.

The main function of placement of Fengshui fish is to recruit money, so we should put the fish tank in the position of money, and not put sundries, and regularly clean and keep clean. The general office's wealth is at the opposite corner of the entrance.

The five elements of Fengshui are not suitable for fish farming in office. According to the five elements principle, the fish tank is considered as the five elements of water, and the person who hits the water taboo is not suitable for fish farming in office. If you want to improve the office geomancy, you may want to consider placing other financial ornaments in the office, such as Chen hang ornaments, which also have the effect of improving geomancy, urging wealth and wealth.

Not suitable for tropical fish in the office is not suitable for tropical fish, although tropical fish can give people a pleasant feeling, but the living environment of tropical fish is relatively high, it is difficult to raise. If the fish they feed often die, it's a bad omen from a Feng Shui perspective.

The fish tanks should not be placed in the East, South, North and Southeast houses according to the fish culture geomancy. The fish tanks should not be placed in the East, Southeast, North and south of the office. Sitting in the southwest, northwest, northeast and West houses, fish tanks should not be placed in the west, southwest, northwest and northeast of the office.

The fish tank should not face the gate in the fish culture geomancy, and the fish tank should not face the gate, because the water is Yin, which means that the Yang Qi and wealth Qi are shut out. The specific placement position can refer to the company's financial position direction.