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How does 2018ems query the admission notice status of college entrance examination? Issuing time of

The college entrance examination admission notice is generally issued in the middle of July, with different time in different regions and batches. So for the majority of candidates, during this period, we must pay attention to keep the mobile phone unblocked. It will take at least one week (the specific time is subject to the time when the candidates receive the admission notice) from the inquiry to the admission information to the sending of the admission notice to the candidates.

Where can I get the admission notice?

① According to the mailing address filled in when filling in the application form, receive the letter of acceptance, and prepare the ID card and examination permit.

"Although we are reminded every year, every year there will be cases where the admission notice cannot be delivered because the address is not clear and the phone cannot be reached. Express delivery staff will make an appointment by phone in advance. Please prepare ID card, examination permit and other related documents for the majority of candidates. For those who go out temporarily or need to sign on behalf of others, the signing agent also needs to prepare effective documents such as ID card. 'according to senior postal officials, this year's college entrance examination notice strictly assesses the recipients to prevent others from taking off.

② The school will receive them in a unified place. Some high schools are worried that the mail is lost halfway, or some home addresses are not conducive to receiving the mail, so they will uniformly fill in the email address of the admission notice as the high school address. Candidates just need to go to school to claim it. But it is worth mentioning: because colleges and universities receive e-mails in a unified way, there are many kinds of e-mails, and students will get the notice by mistake. Therefore, it's better to open the notice and check whether the object is sent to you. Especially if the email contains a communication card, it is better to verify whether the communication card says your name. In case someone else takes your communication card and makes a phone call without permission, you will eventually be asked to pay.

What are the items in the admission notice?

Admission notice (admission notice) generally includes notice, admission notice (precautions), school profile, etc. some schools also cooperate with the promotion activities of banks and mobile companies to send bank cards and telephone cards to students. Some schools require students to print the tuition, accommodation and miscellaneous fees of the first academic year into the bank card for unified deduction by the school (it doesn't matter if the number is more than one, the school will not deduct more).

Note: after receiving the notice, open it on the spot. According to the list, check the contents in detail to avoid picking up by mistake. At the same time, candidates are required to prepare materials and tuition according to the admission notice.

How to query the status of admission notice?

When it is confirmed that the notice has been sent out from the University, but it has not yet reached our hands, we can find out where it has reached through the following ways? (most universities use 'China Post' logistics)

① Tel: 11183 customer service phone query

② SMS: send SMS' CD + email number 'to 11183 for email query

③ Website: enter EMS official website (www.ems. Com. CN or [url = www.11183. Com. Cn] www.11183. Com. CN [/ url]) - customer service - computer client

④ Wechat: enter wechat self-service platform, pay attention to: China Post Express Logistics.

Alipay inquires: in its service window concerns'EMS China Post Express Logistics, click 'I want to inquire', you can find the entrance of the college entrance examination notice.

What are the solutions to the failure of finding admission results?

If you find that you have been admitted through the channels announced by the provincial / Municipal Education Examination Institute, but you have not received the admission notice, you may have the following reasons:

1. The address is unknown or the telephone is not available. The postman can't deliver it. It is suggested that during the period from the end of the college entrance examination to the beginning of the University, you should try not to move or move. No matter you travel or other things, you must keep the phone number when you apply for the examination unblocked.

2. The notice is mailed to the senior high school and collected by your head teacher, the teacher of the academic affairs office or the doorman.

3. Some rural post offices didn't deliver their notices on time. You can go to the post office of the town to check. It may not have been delivered yet.

4. If you are sure that you have been admitted by a university, and you have not received the admission notice for the time being, it may be that the admission notice has not been issued or is on the way of mailing, please check the mailing list on the official website of the application school.

Finally, remind the examinees to keep their mobile phones unblocked during the enrollment period, try not to arrange travel, and pay attention to the enrollment dynamics of the enrollment batch and the time of collecting volunteers. If you have been admitted, please pay attention to the admission notice and check your delivery status of the admission notice at any time.