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I'm not the God of medicine. Is Lenin a fake medicine? Reasons for the low price of India's Lenin

the movie "I am not the God of medicine" draws the attention of many audiences back to leukemia, cancer and other incurable diseases. In the movie, countless patients are waiting to take a kind of anti-cancer drug called "Lenin" to save their lives, but because the price is too expensive for many poor people to afford, they can only take risks to eat India's Lenin, so why is China's Lenin so expensive? India's price is simply low To your imagination.

Is Lenin Gulliver able to cure any cancer?

It is understood that the price of Gleevec in mainland China is much more expensive than other countries. South Korea sells for about 3000 yuan / bottle, Hong Kong, China for about 17000-19000 yuan / bottle, the United States for about 19000 yuan / bottle, and China for up to 25800 yuan / bottle. Why is that?

Gleevec is a cancer specific drug developed by Novartis, Switzerland. It is regarded as a medical miracle by many medical experts. As a patented drug, the patent of Gleevec is strictly protected by law. However, as Gleevec is a special drug closely related to human life and health, the international patent law has opened up a net to allow a country to implement a compulsory patent license under special circumstances to copy this drug.

Article 50 of the patent law of the people's Republic of China also clearly stipulates that "for the purpose of public health, the patent administration department under the State Council may grant a compulsory license to manufacture and export the patented drugs to countries or regions that conform to the provisions of relevant international treaties to which the people's Republic of China is a party. But this law, like sleeping beauty, has never been implemented. Because, this is too complex, involving the interests of many departments.

Although these special drugs are extremely valuable in China, any imitation is not allowed. It's illegal to copy in China, and it's not easy to buy Vilat from India. Invilat does not have a drug license. It is also considered a fake drug by law. The customs inspection is not more and more strict.

And foreign pharmaceutical companies have a good eye on China's huge market. They can live in strange goods and monopolize the price, so the price remains high. In addition, prices vary from country to country, including non patent factors. The price of anti-cancer drugs imported from China is falsely high. For example, the tariff on imported drugs in China is generally 5-8 percentage points. If drugs are sold in hospitals, 15 percentage points will be added. Together, they account for more than a quarter of the price.

So can Gleevec really cure cancer?

In fact, Gleevec can't cure the disease. Once the drug is stopped, many people will relapse. This drug just suppresses the disease, but it can make the patients live as normal as before.

Is Lenin Gulliver able to cure any cancer?

Cure is a medical concept. Generally speaking, cure refers to clinical cure. For cancer, it means that the patient has a certain kind of cancer, after treatment, the body can not detect the cancer cells, and then the cancer does not recur, he did not die because of this cancer.

If it can be eradicated, we will cure it; if not, we will turn cancer into a chronic disease. This is the direction of cancer treatment.

As far as the current medical level is concerned, it is unrealistic to cure all cancers. Although some cancers may be cured, the whole cancer is still not conquered. The goal of modern medicine is to turn cancer into a chronic disease, which will die soon after its diagnosis. Like hypertension and diabetes, cancer can be controlled by drugs with less side effects, even though it needs to be taken for a lifetime, so that cancer patients can 'live with tumors': Although the cancer cells in the body have not been completely eliminated, they can still live for a long time Save, be able to work and live normally.

With the promotion of modern science and technology, the development of medicine is changing with each passing day. New drugs and new therapies come out every year in the United States, the United Kingdom and other medical developed countries. Almost every year, once "incurable diseases" are conquered.