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Details of Zhai Xinxin's suicide by Su's family

On the morning of July 12, a pre court meeting was held for evidence exchange in the case of Su Hengmao's family's lawsuit against Zhai Xinxin on the gift contract dispute and tort liability. Zhai Xinxin was present in person. At the end of the meeting, Su's family besieged and pushed Zhai's father and daughter. So how did Su Hengmao die? Is it really forced to die by Zhai Xinxin? Follow Xiaobian to find out the truth.

Both parties will continue to provide evidence after the court

This morning's pre court meeting was not held in public. Reporters from the Beijing News learned that Su's father and elder sister had all come to the scene of the trial. On the other hand, Zhai Xinxin and his father had also come to the court. According to the previously disclosed information, Su's family sued Zhai Xinxin in three civil cases, including two disputes over the gift contract and a dispute over the return of property. Zhai Xinxin was asked to return tens of millions of property in three cases.

The whole pre court meeting lasted for five hours. After the trial, Lawyer Zhang Qihuai, an agent of the Soviet side, tweeted that Su's brother and sister and Zhai's father had participated in the audition. Su's brother told the Beijing news that both sides provided evidence mobile phones, but Zhai's wechat had some conversations that needed to be checked and supplemented on the spot, so it took some time.

The Beijing News reporter learned that the pre-trial meeting focused on the scope of property, whether there was fraud or coercion, the causal relationship between the death of the Soviet Union and the defendant, and summarized the controversial focus, and cross examined some evidence, but it has not involved the substantive trial. This is only the first pre court meeting. In the future, the two sides will continue to supplement evidence. The court has not yet given a deadline.

Su's family chases Zhai's father and daughter

At the beginning of today's trial, Su's family was a little excited. In an interview with the Beijing News, Su's brother repeatedly threatened Zhai Xinxin. According to Su's sister, Zhai's father said he was also very sad about the incident. His daughter's reputation was gone and she lived in fear.

One person familiar with the trial said that because the plaintiff was emotional, he wanted to rush to fight Zhai Xinxin before the trial but was stopped by agents of both sides. During the trial, Su's family made a banner outside the door, so the court gave oral admonition and warning, and made a record of admonition to the plaintiff's family separately to ensure that there would be no violation of court discipline and other behaviors.

After the court accident, Su's family chased Zhai Xinxin and his father, and finally was persuaded by the bailiff.

In the evening, a reporter from the Beijing News learned that Zhai's father was hit in the chest by a fist to block his daughter's fist in the car, resulting in a heart attack and fainting. The ECG provided by Zhai Xinxin showed his father's sinus rhythm with significant arrhythmia, anterior septal myocardial infarction, uncertain time of occurrence and abnormality.

Zhai's family said that the circumstances of beating the party were the infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of the party and the contempt for the judicial authority. They will write an application to the court to ask the court to investigate the responsibility of the Su family.

A review of the incident of Su Hengmao and zhaixinxin

On May 21, Zhai Xinxin tweeted two long articles on Weibo, telling the process of communication with the Soviet Union. Zhai Xinxin's family has taken legal action and filed a civil lawsuit to ask Zhai Xinxin to return ten million assets belonging to Su Hengmao and the real estate. Su left a note before jumping off the building, saying that Zhai Xinxin was a "poisonous woman". He spent more than 13 million yuan in more than three months of contact with her before and after marriage. When he bought a house and a car and asked for full payment, the mortgage would be despised. At the time of divorce, Su was also asked to compensate Zhai Xinxin for a large amount of money. However, Su had not been able to give so much money. Su, who was forced into a desperate situation, was on the road to light life.

However, there are some differences between Zhai Xinxin's mother and daughter's reply and Su Hengmao's story. Zhai's mother believes that the 10 million yuan spent by the two in three months is not something that cannot be seen, but a normal expense of love. However, in the eyes of netizens, this seems to be abnormal. It's absolutely impossible to describe "normal expenses" when spending so much money in more than three months.

As a programmer, Su Xiangmao looks like an old friend. He looks very ordinary. Standing with Zhai Xinxin, he feels out of tune. However, it is such two people, but there is an intersection, which eventually leads to tragedy.

Su's life aroused a lot of sympathy, while Zhai Xinxin was attacked by public opinion. However, Zhai Xinxin counterattacked in her previous long microblog, pointing out that Su Hengmao jumped from the building because the capital chain was broken and had nothing to do with her. It also said that Su's light life had ruined her life by throwing 'dirty water' on her. She was also abused by netizens, searched by human flesh, and even her family was involved.

She once told in her microblog that Su had a strange personality and was very irascible. She walked on two boats and "looked for horses on horseback". She also had abnormal psychology and changed her mind. She said that after Su's marriage, his character changed greatly, and he fought against her easily. After su Hengmao's accident, she washed her face with tears every day, panicked and worried, and her life was not as good as death. However, in the eyes of netizens, Su Hengmao is no longer there, and Zhai Xinxin's words are all dead. Moreover, many netizens don't believe that Su is that kind of person. If it's like Zhai Xinxin's description, he won't jump.

So why did Zhai Xinxin jump out and talk about the process of communication with it person Su Hengmao? Why is the microblog released deleted now? Can su Hengmao's family get back tens of millions of assets?

A review of the incident of Su Hengmao

On September 7, 2017, Su Hengmao, the developer of wephone, jumped from the building and died. The day before, Su published a microblog saying that he met his ex-wife Zhai Xinxin at Shiji Jiayuan, then he was cheated into marriage and forced to die by his ex-wife.

According to reports, in March this year, Su and his ex-wife Zhai Xinxin met through century On June 7th, the two registered for marriage. On July 18, the two sides agreed to divorce again. From Zhai's acquaintance with suhengmao to the formal certification, suhengmao, who fell in love with suhengmao, fell in love with bojiaren. At the same time, he bought Tesla cars, real estate in Hainan, and many luxury goods.

There are also media reports that Zhai Xinxin, Su's ex-wife, has seized Su's two weaknesses: 1. Su's personal tax evasion. 2. Wephone has the function of Internet phone, which is grey operation. Zhai Xinxin threatened Su with these two points, saying that he would let his products go off the shelves and ruin his family. And ask for 10 million yuan and Sanya's real estate.

The incident of Su Hengmao attracted national attention. Three ministries (the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of civil affairs and the national health and Family Planning Commission) issued a notice on September 18 to crack down on "cheating marriage".

At present, Su's family has hired Wang Baoqiang's divorce lawyer, Zhang Qihuai, to officially represent Su's suicide. Zhai also hired a lawyer to investigate the legal responsibility of netizens who said they cheated.