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High altitude response is a kind of pathological response of human body after exposure to low pressure and low oxygen environment. It is a unique common disease in high altitude area. For those who want to travel to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, we must know about it. Can drinking high oxygen water really prevent the plateau reaction?

On October 10, Mr. Zhu went to Qinghai for a tour. When the bus was resting in Huangyuan County, several people got on the bus and sold 'high oxygen water' at a price of 150 yuan per bottle, saying it could prevent altitude reaction. But the price of the same brand of "high oxygen" network is only 25 yuan. Local tourism department: once issued a rectification notice, the county supervisor only fined, and will issue a further notice and accountability.

On the evening of October 10, Mr. Zhu from Zhengzhou visited Qinghai. When the bus arrived in Huangyuan County for a rest, several people in white coats got on the bus to sell 'high oxygen water' at a price of 150 yuan per bottle, claiming to prevent altitude reaction. Many tourists want to buy it just in case, but some tourists find that the online price of the same brand of "high oxygen water" is only 25 yuan a bottle.

Can hyperoxia really prevent altitude reaction?

Can only slowly adapt to, drink more water can alleviate! Drug words now the best effect is plateau Ann and rhodiola and so on. It is suggested that if there is a short-term lack of oxygen, please stop working immediately or use oxygen bag for operation

What kind of food does high altitude reaction eat

1. Drink more water, you can bring some of your favorite food, pay attention to the taste should not be too thick things. It is generally recommended that you choose light. In addition, pay attention not to eat too full. Generally, 70% is enough. You can eat some American ginseng and Rhodiola.

2. Don't overeat. Choose light food as the main food. In the plateau area, you must drink more water. I suggest the more, the better, as long as you can bear it. We must ensure the normal digestion of the digestive system and do not cause indigestion. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

3. Carry more foods with high glucose and vitamin content. It can also carry some foods with high carbon water content. Don't drink alcohol. You can buy some plateau red before you go to the plateau area to relieve the discomfort caused by the plateau reaction.

When entering the plateau for the first time, we should eat more carbohydrates, vitamins and digestible food. High carbohydrate food can provide glucose and enhance lung diffusion. High carbohydrate mainly refers to porridge and steamed bread. In order to carry out heavy physical work on the plateau.