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Father's dishonesty, son's inability to admit money, failure to repay credit, consequences are so se

Mr. Rao's son of Zhejiang Province was admitted to a famous university in Beijing this year. But the school called to say: Mr. Rao has dishonesty, please deal with it immediately, otherwise he will not be admitted. The reason is that Mr. Rao has not paid off his 200000 loan to the bank for more than two years. Previously, he was enforced but did not face up to it, so he immediately paid off. #Father's dishonest son can't be admitted. What do you think?

The news said that the father was dishonest and a university refused to admit his son.

Although Laolai should be punished, and although such punishment is effective, we should not practice joint sitting.

The dishonest person and their children are two independent legal subjects. The dishonest behavior of the dishonest person should not be a factor affecting the children's enrollment, unless the dishonest person's sending children to school is considered as a high consumption behavior, such as sending children to private schools at a high price.

Of course, if the dishonest person pays the college tuition to his son, if his son has reached the age of 18, the dishonest person has no obligation to pay the tuition, so the tuition paid by the dishonest person can become the property to be enforced.

The life of "Lao Lai" is not so easy. Let's see what happens if you don't pay back the money you owe.

How serious are the consequences of not paying back the money in arrears?

First of all, the money owed will not be recorded in the list of dishonest and executed

Many people may think that it's a shame to be recorded in the list of dishonest and executed people. Anyway, it doesn't matter if they have thick skin. In fact, it's not that simple. As long as you enter the list, it will greatly affect your work and daily life. It is not allowed to take airplanes or high-speed trains; it is not allowed to apply for loans and credit cards; it is also the legal person, director and other senior managers of the enterprise. It can be said to permeate your life. The details are as follows:

1. To restrict the establishment of securities, funds, futures, insurance, financing guarantee companies and commercial banks;

2. Restrict participation in government procurement activities as a supplier, issuance of bonds in the inter-bank market, acquisition of commercial banks, financing and credit extension, etc;

3. Restrict to become a customs certified enterprise, to engage in drug and food safety industries, to engage in mine production and safety evaluation industries, and to recruit (hire) employees of civil servants or public institutions, etc

4. Restrict the dishonest person to serve as the director, supervisor and senior manager of the financing guarantee company or financial institution, the legal representative, director and supervisor of the state-owned enterprise, the legal representative of the institution, the main person in charge and director, supervisor and senior manager of the production and operation unit, etc

5. It is prohibited to apply for subsidy funds and social security funds, to enjoy preferential policies, to participate in state-owned property rights transactions, to apply for key forestry construction and key grassland protection construction projects, to participate in the evaluation of civilized units and moral models, and to participate in the evaluation of lawyers or law firms

6. Those with serious circumstances will be restricted from leaving the country, convicted and punished. The Supreme People's court and the Ministry of public security will strengthen cooperation to share information about the exit and entry licenses of the executed person in the early stage. When you use the exit and entry licenses, your ID card will be automatically locked, and you have fallen into the legal net of the public security department, which is hard to fly!

7. To customize the exclusive RBT for "Laolai", when someone dials the phone of "Laolai", a voice will be heard after the connection: "the owner you dialed has been blacklisted by the people's Court of XXX as the person to be executed for breach of trust, please urge him to fulfill the obligations determined by the effective legal documents as soon as possible. 'is there any embarrassment in capitals.

Secondly, the owed money will not be exposed through multiple channels

Since September 1, 2014, the microblog and wechat of the Supreme People's court have successively opened a 'dishonest executor exposure platform', which exposes a dishonest executor and a dishonest executor legal person every day, that is to say, you may become 'online Red' at any time. There are also different ways of exposure, such as Liuzhou court of Guangxi punishing Lao Lai by issuing a reward notice, Yanling court using car mounted LED screen, rolling exposure of Lao Lai in dense areas, Jiangsu Changzhou intermediate people's court drying "Lao Lai" on large screen, Shenzhen intermediate people's court embedding "eagle eye inspection and control network" into various scenes and details of "Lao Lai" life, etc. Even Xiaobian can't help but praise these clever exposure methods.

In the end, people who don't pay back the money they owe will be strictly restricted from high consumption

Do you think this is over? No! No! No! Being a "Laolai" will also be restricted to the following high consumption behaviors:

1. Unable to take the second-class or above positions of plane, train soft sleeper and ship;

2. Unable to consume in hotels, hotels, entertainment places, golf courses and other places above star level;

3. Unable to purchase real estate or to build, expand or decorate high-grade houses;

4. Unable to rent senior office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places to work;

5. Unable to purchase non operating vehicles;

6. Unable to enjoy travel and holiday services;

7. Children are unable to attend high fee private schools;

8. Unable to purchase high value insurance and financial products;

9. Unable to take the g-head EMU train as a whole, other EMU trains with more than one class seats and other non life and work necessary consumption behaviors.