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How to eat red dragon fruit stool red? Natural pigment is harmless to human body

Why does the color of stool turn red when eating a red heart pitaya? Many people will have this situation after eating the red heart pitaya. Don't panic. This is normal. Why does the stool turn red after eating the Pitaya?

1. It's caused by red pigment

If the dragon fruit you eat is red meat, it's normal that the leftovers you pull out are red. The reason why the flesh of red flesh pitaya is red is that there is a red natural pigment in it, which can not be fully digested and absorbed by the human body, so the discharge and excreta will be red.

2. Natural pigment is harmless to human

The red color of pitaya fruit is due to its red pigment, which is the natural pigment of pitaya fruit, and will not damage our body after entering the body. Just like anthocyanin, it is also a kind of pigment, but it is good for human body. It can help us prevent cancer and anti-aging, enhance our immune ability, and it is a natural pigment that is good for human body.

3. Incomplete digestion

In general, if we eat something that is not completely digested and absorbed, if its color is not changed by digestive fluid and other body fluids, then we will excrete the remains of that color. It's like eating too many watermelons at once, and the stool will be red.

4. Observation on the edible dragon fruit

If you still don't feel at ease, don't eat pitaya after digestion. After a while, see if the stool is still red. If you stop eating pitaya, it will not be red, which means that it is caused by red meat pitaya, but as long as it is caused by pitaya, it should be OK and not to worry.