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Is Zhao Yi, a drug hunter, an undercover? Why does Zhao Yi take drugs?

In the TV play "drug Hunter", from the plot that has been broadcast, Zhao Yi is not a bad person. Why does he take drugs and take on the funny part of the play? Is Zhao Yi an undercover of the police? What is Zhao Yi's real identity?

"Drug Hunter" has had a mixed reputation since it was broadcast, but it has attracted a lot of audience's attention with its strong star lineup and inspirational story.

Lu Yunpeng, the leading actor, experienced the ups and downs of his brother LV Yunfei's family's life when they were beaten by drug traffickers to get revenge on their deaths and departures. Lu Yunfei's heroic attempt to break into the depths of drug trafficking groups and wipe them out at one stroke was admirable. In the process, Lu Yunpeng accidentally met Zhao Yi, an old poisonous insect.

However, Zhao Yi has helped LV Yunpeng over and over again. On the surface, he seems to be a degenerate who can do anything for money. But in fact, he is smart and intelligent, has a wide range of contacts, and pays attention to love and justice. He has saved LV Yunpeng's life many times.

It can be seen that Zhao Yi is not a bad person. Previously, Zhao Yi took out his ID card. Zhao Yi on the ID card was full of energy and spirit. It seems that Zhao Yi didn't take drugs when he took the ID card.

So why did Zhao Yi take drugs? Why did he degenerate to this place in a border town with such ability?

What makes the audience more suspicious is that if Zhao Yizhen degenerates, why should he deliberately approach LV Yunfei, and he is also trying to collect intelligence. In any case, Zhao Yi is not simple.

According to the public plot, Zhao Yi used to be a policeman, so will Zhao Yi be an undercover agent?

Because we want to gain the trust of drug traffickers and break into the internal core of drug traffickers group. It's not uncommon for an undercover agent to turn himself into a ghost in a TVB police film, so is Zhao Yi the same?

However, Zhao Yi is not an undercover police agent in the exposed story of "drug Hunter", but he is not a bad person indeed. At last, he was kidnapped by the group leader to coerce LV Yunfei. However, LV Yunfei, the heroine Jiang Yinan and the local police cooperated with each other to rescue Zhao Yi.

In the process, Zhao Yi provided many favorable clues, helped LV Yunpeng a lot and saved LV Yunpeng's life many times. Therefore, after destroying the drug dealer group in the golden triangle, Zhao Yi fought against each other and successfully cured the drug addiction.

However, some netizens broke the news that Zhao Yi was actually an eye liner before Lv Yunfei sacrificed. It was the undercover of the police. Lu Yun Fei should account for Zhao Yi's own younger brother's replacement of himself, but Lv Yunfei could not prove his identity after his death, plus time was pressing, many of which were too late to explain clearly. Zhao Yi could only take the opportunity to get close to Lv Yunpeng at the first time. Then act on your own.