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Can pregnant women eat lotus seed? Effect and function of lotus seed

It's summer, the lotus has quietly matured, July is a good time for fresh lotus. So for pregnant mothers to be, can we eat lotus seed? What are the effects and functions of lotus seed?

Can pregnant women eat fresh lotus seed


Lianpeng has the effect of calming the mind and nourishing the heart, so pregnant women can eat it. However, it is not suitable to eat more because of its cool nature.

It is the mature receptacle of water lily. In autumn, when the fruit is mature, cut off the lotus seed, remove the fruit (lotus seed) and stem, and dry. The dried flower bracket is slightly cone-shaped, mostly broken, with a round and flat top, 7-10CM in diameter and 3-8cm in height.

The surface is purplish red or grayish brown, with longitudinal lines and wrinkles. On the top, there are many round holes left after removing the fruit, which are honeycombed, with pedicel residue at the base. It's spongy. There is no Qi, and the taste is astringent. It's better to be big and purple.

Can pregnant women drink boiled water

Pregnant women can drink a moderate amount of it, but it is not recommended to drink more. First, it is too cold. Second, if sugar is added, it is not good for pregnant women to drink too much sugar. Drinking lotus seed can clear away heat and detoxify. It can increase nutrition during pregnancy. The diet should be light, comprehensive, and not partial. It is rich in protein and vitamin food. Pay attention to rest, regular birth inspection, and keep a happy mood.

Effect and function of lotus seed

Fresh lotus seeds have the effect of clearing the heart and clearing the heat. Summer heat is easy to fret, peel off a few fresh and tender green lotus seeds, savor carefully between teeth, and immediately feel fresh and relaxed.

The green lotus seed heart is sandwiched between the lotus seeds. Although it is not impressive, it has many effects. Lotus seed heart can reduce blood pressure and eliminate heart fire. Brain workers make tea with lotus seed heart, which can strengthen brain, memory and work efficiency.

It is said that Emperor Qianlong always made lotus seed heart tea with lotus leaves and dew beads when he went to the summer resort to nourish his heart and wisdom, adjust his vitality, detoxify and clear his heart.

Lotus House is the part of lotus seed wrapped in lotus seed. Drinking the boiled tea often can prevent diabetes.