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How does newborn spit milk do? How to avoid newborn's spitting?

Spitting is the most common phenomenon in the newborn period, but many new mothers are very worried about their babies, so for the newborn babies, why spitting? What are the reasons for the newborn spitting? In fact, the biggest reason for baby spitting is: improper feeding!

Specifically in these aspects:

1. When the baby is hungry, it will keep crying. Many mothers will immediately feed the baby. At this time, they will inhale a lot of air. When the air overflows from the stomach, it will bring the milk out by the way, causing the baby to spit out milk;

2. There is plenty of milk in Baoma. When a baby sucks, there is too much milk and the swallowing action is accelerated. This will also lead to the vomiting of milk with the inhalation of air. If the formula is fed artificially, the hole on the nipple is too large, which will also cause the baby to drink milk too fast;

3. In the process of infant feeding, because of some reasons, the baby is often turned over, and the feeding posture is improper, and putting the baby too flat will also lead to vomiting;

4. Too many times of feeding, or too long feeding time, which will make the baby eat too much will also lead to spitting;

5、 Artificial feeding of the baby in addition to the above reasons for spitting, but also because the deployment of milk temperature is too high or too low, resulting in spitting.

So we should try to avoid the baby's spitting:

1. To make sure that the baby cries because of hunger, first calm the baby's mood, and then start feeding after a while;

2. When there is too much milk, you can use your index finger and middle finger to hold the areola or slowly pull out the areola part from your baby's mouth when you feel the baby swallowing too fast, temporarily stop the baby's sucking action to prevent air inhalation; when feeding artificially, the hole size of the bottle should be moderate;

3. Before feeding, choose a comfortable position, correct position, and then carry out feeding action to avoid turning the baby, not feeding the baby when lying on his back; after feeding, hold the baby vertically, or lay the baby on his legs and pat his back; do not lie on his back immediately, preferably lying on the right side for about half an hour, so that the milk in the stomach is not easy to flow out;

4. Feeding should be appropriate, not too much, not too long, generally 10 to 15 minutes on the line;

5. During artificial feeding, milk powder shall be put into the milk bottle first, then water cooled to 40-50 ℃ after boiling shall be added into the milk bottle, and even water shall be taken to the baby for drinking.

It's worth noting that baby's spitting is not abnormal, so you don't need to worry too much. It will be better as you grow up, and won't affect your baby's growth, development and health. Milk may be like tofu dregs, which is the result of milk and gastric acid, normal. But if the baby spits frequently, and the milk is yellow green, brown, or accompanied by fever, diarrhea and other symptoms, it should go to the hospital immediately.