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How is typhoon named? What are the rules for naming typhoon 2018?

Nowadays, the southern part of China is suffering from typhoon. The destructive power of typhoon is very big everywhere. But different typhoon names are different. Do you know how to name typhoon? What is the principle of typhoon name?

European and American countries have a long history of naming hurricanes, which can be traced back to the middle of the last century. At present, hurricanes have both names and grades (such as category 1-5 hurricanes). Hurricanes usually use human names, one male name and one female name alternately. The most famous hurricanes in recent years have been Andrew and Katrina.

The former typhoons in China had no name but a number code, such as typhoon 7312 and 8803, which respectively represented typhoon 12 in 1973 and typhoon 3 in 1988.

Since 2000, the typhoon has suddenly become famous. And the names are often extraordinary. The name of typhoon is even more strange than typhoon itself.

Because of its eccentricity, it will be noticed, pondered and even remembered, which realizes the original intention of the professional organizations that named typhoon in that year: hope people pay more attention to the harm of typhoon.

Typhoon, as it is called in the West Pacific and South China Sea, is called storm in the Indian Ocean and hurricane in the Atlantic and East Pacific.

The maximum wind speed near the center of a tropical cyclone can be divided into six grades: tropical depression, tropical storm, strong tropical storm, typhoon, strong typhoon and super typhoon. However, in life, people are often used to call the last five levels simply "typhoon".

In 1997, the Typhoon Committee of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) decided to unify the naming rules of typhoons and put them into use since 2000 in order to avoid the confusion of the names of typhoons.

The names of typhoons are respectively provided by Cambodia, China, North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Micronesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam, 14 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific region under the World Meteorological Organization, with a total of 140 alternative typhoon names. Put the 140 names together, sort them in groups, and use them one by one. In short, the typhoon hasn't been generated yet, and its name has been picked up. And the name is not a one-time use but recycling. After 140 names are recycled, they will start again. Therefore, this year's typhoon will have the same name as some other typhoons in previous years.

China initially put forward 10 names: Dragon King, Wukong, jade rabbit, petrel, Aeolus, sea god, cuckoo, electric mother, seahorse and begonia, all of which are very mythical or beautiful names. But Dragon King has been removed and replaced by sea anemone.

On the principle of de listing typhoon names. If a typhoon is bad and notorious, it may be removed. In addition to the Dragon King, such as Yunna, Masha, Bilis, Sammy and not far away Morakot and so on. The vacancy left by them will be proposed by the original naming party.

As far as the names provided by all parties are concerned, most of them are not monsters, many of them are still quite pleasant.

Of course, some people also have some complaints about the names of typhoons. They think that some names are too cute and not serious, which may reduce people's awareness of typhoons. But I believe not. The name of a typhoon is lovely, but the name of a typhoon is not necessarily; the name of a person is lovely, but the name of a person is not necessarily the same.