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How to eat snow lotus fruit best? What are the taboos of eating snow lotus fruit?

Snow lotus fruit is not a very common fruit. Its shape is similar to sweet potato, and its nutritional value is very rich. It is also the favorite of many diabetics. How can snow lotus fruit have the best effect? What are the taboos to eat snow lotus fruit?

How to eat natural snow lotus fruit

1. Stewed pork ribs soup

Tianshan snow lotus fruit and spareribs are cooked together in soup. The effect is the best. When making it, you need to prepare one Tianshan snow lotus fruit, 200g spareribs, ginger, figs and some salt. Chop the spareribs into pieces, blanch them with boiling water later, take them out, put them in the soup pot, add the prepared ginger and figs, and finally put them into the water After peeling, cut into pieces, put them in the pot and cook together. When the pot is boiling, cook for another hour or so. Add salt to taste.

2. Stewed chrysanthemum and lean meat soup

Tianshan snow lotus fruit can be boiled together with chrysanthemum and lean meat in soup. The effect is also very good. When making, you can wash and peel the fresh Tianshan snow lotus fruit, cut it into slices, and then cut the pork lean meat slices, marinate it with cooking wine and edible salt for a while, soak the dried chrysanthemum in water in advance, put the prepared slices of meat, snow lotus fruit slices and dried chrysanthemum into the pot after putting water in the pot Go, boil over a large heat, and then cook slowly over a small heat until about an hour. Add some seasoning and take it out.

Diet taboo of snow lotus fruit

1. People with cold stomachs may feel cold and distended, but they can use boiled water to soak them. Most people have diarrhea in the first three days, but it will be normal after four days. The stool is like a child's, which is normal.

2. In a few allergic people, Xuelian fruit will have diarrhea, metabolic acidosis, heart rate acceleration but blood pressure drop, dehydration, hypoalbuminemia, consciousness disorder and even shock if it is eaten too much. It's clinically proven, but it's about one in a million.

3. Snow lotus fruit will be flatulent if you eat too much, which will lead to a lot of farts, which will make you depressed and uncomfortable. However, it is a good omen that snow lotus fruit is playing its role in regulating your gastrointestinal function.

4. Snow lotus fruit contains a chemical component, tannin, also known as tannin. When the fruit is cut and peeled, it turns brown when exposed to the air. The reason for discoloration is that due to oxidation, phenols in tannins produce quinone polymer to form brown pigment, which is melanin. In order to prevent discoloration, the peeled and cut snow lotus fruit can be soaked in clear water to isolate it from air and prevent oxidative discoloration. So we have to eat fresh, now peel to eat first, so as not to lead to chemical reactions in and out of melanin. Snow lotus fruit is a pure natural green health food, which not only has the health care functions of cooling and annealing, clearing heat and detoxification, strengthening stomach and intestines, softening blood vessels, but also is rich in protein, algal horniness, amino acid, expectorant, antibacterial and blood activating, lowering blood pressure, and is also a delicious top-quality food in the hotel.

5. Snow lotus fruit should not be eaten with milk, eggs and other high protein foods at the same time, which is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of protein, resulting in diarrhea. The low protein gastrointestinal tract is not good, which will have the phenomenon of diarrhea after eating. This is to eliminate the rotten and harmful substances in the intestines, which is harmless to human body. Please continue to eat for 3-5 days, and it can be relieved after the conditioning of the intestines and stomach by snow lotus fruit.