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Wang Chuanjun talking about the reasons why he refused to make films of love Apartments

Wang Chuanjun talks about refusing to make the film version of love apartment: the more you see it, the more it looks like a commercial movie. Why do you want to make a movie? Recently, the movie I'm not the God of medicine was released. Are many people impressed by Lv's benefits? Can you still combine this character with Guan Gu in the love apartment? Then why does Wang Chuanjun refuse to make a love apartment movie?

Wang Chuanjun's excellent interpretation of the white blood patient Lu in Chen I am not the God of medicine has benefited a lot, and he himself has become one of the focuses of public opinion recently. In an interview with the @ Beijing News, Wang Chuanjun talked about his experience of acting in TV dramas, his change of mind after his life and death, his "I don't like the" ferryman "incident, the reasons behind refusing to play the movie version of" love apartment "and his understanding and pursuit of" actor "career.

Talking about the TV play "Da Xian yamen", Wang Chuanjun proposed to dub the role himself, but the cast still chose the dubbing actor. 'it turns out that when I got 80 points, it turned out that he got 50 points after matching. Wang Chuanjun confessed that he was hurt, so he will not receive TV series from now on.

I think it's very important to say & lsquo; no & rsquo. The traditional concept of the Chinese people is the mean. In fact, everyone should have their own personality, so that the world may become different, or they will all live for others. 'but I also got the chance to play in English.

Talking about love apartment, Wang Chuanjun said it was just an experience for him, not so important. 'magic of Guangu' was asked to act 'like a fool'. Why did you refuse to play the movie version of love apartment? Wang Chuanjun: 'everyone thinks that after shooting love apartment 4, it should be over. Because we can't cooperate any more, don't you think the more you watch it, the more it looks like an advertising film? It's all advertising implantation. Why do you want to make a movie? "

Talking about the profession of 'actor', Wang Chuanjun is infatuated with the huge contrast between the screen and the reality, 'every time you come out, you don't know me, I will be very happy'. He believes that stars should move forward and be exposed more, but actors should stay behind, because overexposure will affect the credibility of characters on the screen.