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Does the Internet lending platform fail to pay back money? This article tells you the answer

Nowadays, the emergence of various lending platforms has greatly affected our lives. Many people will easily find these platforms to borrow money when their capital turnover is not good. So if these platforms fail, will they still pay back the money? Xiaobian just wants to say that there is no free lunch in the world. If they don't pay back after the deadline, it will easily affect their credit problems and their future lives.

on November 23, the central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly held a 'meeting on the clean up and rectification of online small loans'. The omens of stricter supervision and the beginning of major rectification of the industry have emerged.

On December 1, the renovation was further upgraded. The office of the leading group for the special rectification of Internet financial risks and P2P network loan risks has officially issued the notice on regulating and rectifying the business of "cash loan" (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which specifies the overall supervision and strengthens the rectification of cash loan.

From the capital feast to the strict supervision, from the master to the street mouse, the decline of the cash lending platform is only half a month.

So far, there is a lot of talk about "99% of cash lending platforms are going to fail" and "cash lending platforms are going to be cut all in one".

How the platform survives in the storm is not what we can care about. However, many people are worried about whether the money borrowed by the borrower based on his own ability should be returned.

After all, who can know which of the "platform failure" and the "final repayment date" will come first? Moreover, even if the platform failure has occurred, whether it will violate the corresponding laws if the platform fails to pay its debts? No one knows & hellip; & hellip;


Take advantage of people's danger! The game between platform development and "Laolai"

In the past, the money loaned by cash was' too easy to earn ', but now, the money loaned by cash is' too hard to collect'!

Due to tighter regulation and license plate restrictions, what makes cash lending platform unexpected is that the crisis encountered by the platform is not only from this, but also from the "overdue storm".

After the policy was issued, some borrowers took advantage of people's danger and said, "you don't have to pay back, the state says, you can't force collection." the platform is going to close down, what can I do if you don't pay back? "I'm going to use up until the platform closes down, and the debt can be written off!"

Thus, a war without gunpowder, a game war between the cash loan platform and the "Laolai" began.

The borrower becomes an "old man" and forms a group to counter collection

It used to be a platform for violent collection, but now it's the borrowers who organize groups to send collection, which makes many cash loans hard to say.

A reporter joined a QQ group of anti collection on December 10, in which someone shared the means to deal with the collectors.

A borrower named "Mr. Winnie" said that when a cash loan platform is overdue, he will give "preventive injection" to friends in the address book in advance. Generally, relatives and friends tend to believe in himself.

I don't care much about the phone number of the collector. What's more, I forged an address book before the loan. Only the identity of the borrower is true, so I don't need to worry about the method of "exploding the address book" of the collector after the deadline.

If not, 'Lao Lai' has a trump card to report. Now there are more and more reporting channels. In addition to the reporting platform of mutual fund association, there are other online media platforms with reporting functions.

According to the data, there are 7 cash loan platforms in the top 10 and 50 online loan platforms in the top 100, most of which are due to improper overdue collection.

The "Laolai" played the role of vulnerable groups with the help of external forces to avoid repayment.

Lao Lai incites some users who are unable to pay back their debts

It's not just some professional Laolai. Under the instigation of these people, some users who are unable to repay the loan have also moved their minds to become "Laolai" in order to avoid repayment.

In the exchange group of some cash loans, it's similar to 'anyway, if you don't borrow money, you can pay back the credit bureau. '

"Now the Internet small loan is a one size fits all, don't need to pay it back?" "in recent days, millions of people will face the overdue, afraid of what", "they will also pop up the address book, and nothing else will happen. This is a very popular saying, which has become everyone's" mantra ". Many users are trying their best to escape.

Under this kind of behavior, many cash lending platforms have indicated that the platform's bad and overdue rate has increased abruptly, 'the first overdue rate (first overdue rate) has quickly exceeded 50%', and 'the stock overdue rate is 50% to 70%. '


The loan platform is closed. Can I really not repay the money I owe?

Xiaobian has to remind these "old rogues" who are lucky and malicious about their debts. The rectification of the industry does not affect the performance of your repayment obligations. In the loan relationship, they are maliciously overdue, with very serious consequences.

You have to know that there is no free lunch in the world.

Personal credit stain, credit investigation

Many people naively believe that only bank loans can be trusted, so loans applied for on other platforms, even if overdue, will not affect personal credit.

Xiaobian can only say that you are too simple.

In fact, many cash lending platforms are cooperative with banks, and they are basically connected to the credit investigation of the central bank. This means that no matter whether the platform is closed or not, if the user does not repay, it will enter the credit blacklist. Once entering the blacklist of credit investigation, all kinds of loans and credit records of users will be directly affected. Credit records also have a long-term impact on all aspects of life, including employment and so on.

Blacklisted in the industry, no more loans

If you think there is no connection between the platform and the platform. There are so many platforms in the world, this one can't be in arrears, and the other one can always be borrowed, it's a big mistake.

In fact, mutual fund industry has its own credit system, information exchange, once overdue, all can be found within the industry.

Therefore, if you are blacklisted by one platform, it is almost impossible for you to apply for loans from other platforms.

Moreover, in the future, the whole industry will focus on the sharing of credit information and strengthen the punishment for the dishonest. The latest policy also clearly stipulates that all localities should guide borrowers to fulfill their liabilities for debt repayment in accordance with the law, and establish systems such as the disclosure of dishonest information and joint punishment, so as to make those who gain or lose faith lose faith and limit them everywhere.

Get involved in a lawsuit and take legal responsibility

What if the platform fails? The platform is just an intermediary role. Don't you have to pay the rent when the rental agency fails?

As long as there is a loan agreement in place, you must fulfill your repayment obligations. Your repayment obligations will not disappear or end due to the failure of the cash loan platform.

Even if the cash lending platform is closed due to violation of regulations, the corresponding fund lenders also have the right of recourse for the debt. In case of litigation, the court will take measures such as property preservation, including freezing the deposits on all bank accounts of the lender and the loan guarantor, sealing up the mortgaged and pledged property, etc.

After the judgment is made, the property will be enforced in accordance with the law to pay off the loan losses of the borrower, including the loan principal, loan interest, overdue interest and penalty interest, as well as all the litigation costs arising therefrom, and all the expenses related to the disposal of the collateral realization.

See here, are you all awake?

Even if the platform fails, the money owed is still to be repaid.