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Who are the sons of tomorrow 2 brilliance corps? Children of tomorrow 2 flower team player list

The second season of tomorrow's son begins. All the focus of the first episode has been given to Li Yuchun. The second episode is that Wu Qingfeng and Hua Chenyu have chosen people together. So who is the team of tomorrow's son 2 Hua Chenyu? Let's get to know.

Who is the flower team of tomorrow's son 2

Son of tomorrow 2 top 9 of brilliance team:

Hua Chenyu's magic sound track is full of players with strong singing skills or unique singing skills. Hua Chenyu is very different from Li Yuchun and Wu Qingfeng in terms of talent selection.

The top 9 players of Shengshi magic sound track are: Jia Tingyi; Lu Zhengting; Wen Zhaojie; Huang Xiangqi; Deng Dian; Tian Yu; Duan Zhihao; Wu Yuhuan; Hao Yifu.

Shengshi Duxiu track is: Zeng Yuming; Xu Hanguang; Xu Mengyuan; CAI Weize; tong'er; Chi Yipin; child Wang; bi ran; Zhang juhao.

The second issue of tomorrow's son 2

As the first contestant of the second episode of "son of tomorrow", Wen Zhaojie was expected by everyone since he never appeared. When Wu Qingfeng asked him to introduce himself, Wen Zhaojie decided to sing instead of introducing himself. When Wen Zhaojie finished singing his original song "breathing", his unique voice, and immersed in the singing, Wen Zhaojie got the recognition of the star pushing officials for the first time! From the program, we can see that spring at that time was stunned, while Yang Mi stared at Wen Zhaojie's face and was shocked. After Wen Zhaojie's performance, Da Mi even expressed that he was performed by Wen Zhaojie The gooseflesh came out in shock. But the recognition of wenzhaojie by the two star pushing officials is only a small part. Hua Hua shows a spoony face! Hua Hua immediately gets up in spirit from the moment Wen Zhaojie opens his mouth, and then shows her unique expression when she sees talents. She unconsciously sucks her fingers and shows a smile she wants to fight for. In the end, it is true that when Wu Qingfeng, the exclusive star tweeter in the golden age, resolutely expressed his favor for Wen Zhaojie and actively gave the ball to him and invited him to join the team, the true face of Hua Hua unfolded, saying that he would snatch Wen Zhaojie.

Originally, it was star pushing officials who chose players, but in front of Wen Zhaojie, it seemed to be the opposite. Hua Hua can't help but spend all her words to persuade Wen Zhaojie to believe that you choose yourself. Hua Hua said to Wen Zhaojie: we both have the same soul in our blood, and your singing style is similar to mine. I believe that you are born with the feeling of music. Only I know you better! Hua Hua's love for Wen Zhaojie obviously 'offended' Qingfeng. Qingfeng even said on one side: in addition to singing, I can make you better! The two star pushing officials don't give way to each other! Wen Zhaojie is in a dilemma! At last Hua huachenyu makes a big move. In order to let Wen Zhaojie choose himself decisively, Hua Hua is willing to bow down and offer the ball. Let's see Hua Hua is really eager for talents! And Wu Qingfeng, who is beside her, is so sad to see that Hua Hua feels that she may get Buwen Zhaojie and closes her eyes!