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I'm not the God of medicine. Based on what event? Has Cheng Yong been sentenced in reality?

recently, Xu Zheng's "I'm not the God of medicine" was released nationwide. Do you know what events the film is based on? The protagonist of this story is Lu Yong, from Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. He is a leukemia patient and an entrepreneur. He was once called "drug God" by many leukemia patients.

In 2002, he was diagnosed with leukemia. In order to find his health, he started a long way to find medicine. For themselves, but also to help sick friends. Lu Yong, who has always felt that he is doing good deeds, was taken away by the police in 2014 on suspicion of selling 'fake drugs'. After that, more than a thousand leukemia patients signed for Lu Yong to plead for help, and the court finally 'withdrew the lawsuit' in this case. Lu Yong was spared a prison sentence.

Lu Yong experienced some frustrations brought by "a false alarm" from the "God of medicine" in his friends' mouths, the "suspect of selling fake medicine" arrested by the court, and finally being withdrawn to restore his freedom. However, in an interview with Ziniu news of Yangzi Evening News, he said that he always revered the law and was grateful for the changes of the times. I hope his experience can promote some changes and will eventually bring benefits to more leukemia patients.

Start a business and suddenly suffer from leukemia

Life is hit hard

Wuxi is the birthplace of township enterprises, and numerous local entrepreneurs have sprung up. Lu Yong, who was born in 1968, is one of them.

In 2000, at the age of 32, Lu Yong started his own business and set up his own knitting factory. Instead of going through a foreign trade company, he sold his products directly to foreigners.

Lu Yong, known as the God of medicine by many patients

Lu Yong's home is in Xishan District of Wuxi City, which is a representative and substantial home. Before he started his own business, his father also had his own factory. In a sense, although it was not a "son inheriting father's business", it was also a "inheritance family business". 'I make my own factory, different from my father's, but we will work together. '

However, unlike many local entrepreneurs, Lu Yong's entrepreneurial career encountered a "threshold" that seemed almost impossible at the time. In 2002, he checked in Wuxi People's Hospital and found that the blood sample data was different, so he went to a large hospital in Shanghai for examination. Due to the proximity to Shanghai, many people in Wuxi are accustomed to go to Shanghai for medical treatment after they get sick. They feel that the conditions there are better and the technology there is more advanced.

After a flurry of tests, the hospital concluded that he had CML, a disease that is generally believed to have no better way than bone marrow transplantation. But bone marrow transplantation is not an easy thing, in the process of waiting, it depends on medication to maintain. At that time, he said, he mainly took a Swiss made 'Gleevec' produced by the original factory to control the disease. But the drug is very expensive and can only be paid at one's own expense. It costs nearly 300000 yuan a year. With all kinds of examination fees, the annual fee is always 340000 yuan, which is a great test of financial resources and energy. 'our family's cash deposit at that time was 1 million yuan, but in the two years after the diagnosis, because of my illness, it has spent more than 700000 yuan. We have a good family background. Even if we do this, we will not be able to bear it for a long time. Besides, there is no suitable bone marrow transplantation for matching. '

In order to survive, Lu Yong and his family began to search for famous doctors, eager to get a chance to live. At the same time, I asked around for new treatment methods, and met many patients with the same disease, including Europe, to exchange relevant information on the Internet platform. He also set up a QQ group to exchange and share the latest treatment information. More and more patients joined the group by introducing each other. 'at that time, we had just started our business for two years, and we had just started our business. We realized the balance of payments and started to improve, but we still haven't made any profits. I've been hit so hard. The pressure is huge! "

Finding cheap and effective generic drugs

Don't forget to help others. He has become the 'medicine man' in the eyes of his patients

Because of his good English, his communication with foreign netizens is not a problem, so Lu Yong got a lot of information that his domestic patients could not understand.

In 2004, he got a message from a forum in Europe that a patient in South Korea had taken a generic "Gleevec" made in India, which had a good effect. After that, a customer in Japan helped him to buy a month's dosage, the cost is only 4000 yuan, take the effect is very good. He moved his mind. According to the information on the bottle, he directly contacted the manufacturer of the generic medicine and purchased the medicine directly from the other side. 'after all, the price in India is much cheaper than that in Japan. It's only 3000 yuan a month. After that, I've been using this generic medicine. '

[generic drugs used by Lu Yong]

Because he took it well, Lu Yong shared the relevant experience in the group and posted the test data of the drug. For this practice, many patients are very skeptical. They think that they are colluding with Indian manufacturers to make profits, but some patients decide to have a try. "People like us don't feel the pressure and state of mind that they haven't experienced. They don't want to let go of a trace of vitality. 'the patient I tried to believe contacted Lu Yong for help, including how to buy the medicine, but at the same time, I would not bring' trouble 'to myself,' including how to fill in the list, how much to buy the medicine, and so on. I helped them and guided them, mainly to teach them how to buy the medicine. '

Because there are indeed more people taking Indian generic drugs with good results, so there are more and more people who know and contact Lu Yong, so helping them becomes another 'job' besides' boss', which also includes how to avoid legal risks, such as selling 'fake drugs' and' purchasing on behalf of others', so as to avoid unnecessary troubles. To put it bluntly, it means' breaking the law 'but not' committing a crime '. He also said that from the very beginning, he would avoid becoming a "purchasing agent". The "purchasing agent" is to handle drugs and then distribute them. This involves the sale of fake drugs and infringement of intellectual property rights. This is a crime. I can't do this. And many methods, I have learned from Korean people, they do this earlier, have a set of methods. '

He also confessed that it's easy to make people become "buyers on behalf" driven by "profits". To be honest, my family has better conditions, and I also have a factory, so I don't need to rely on this for profits. So this is done to help the sick. 'in this group, sad things happen every day, and what happened to a young patient beside him even made him wince. In 2004, a young patient in Wuxi, who was also a logistics employee of a local enterprise in Wuxi, suffered from leukaemia and sold his house for treatment. However, he died because he could not afford to pay more than 3000 yuan per month for imitated medicine. "If he could take this medicine at that time, he might not leave. It's really sad. '

But there is also joy. Lu Yong said that he met many patients after his illness, and the number of patients he contacted or met by phone was at least 1200, 80% of whom were stable due to the generic drug, and all aspects were in good condition. 'because it's my wish to help you by empathizing with your plight and pain. 'he always said that the pain of their sick friends could not be understood by outsiders, and the intensity of their desire for survival was beyond ordinary people's imagination. What he wants to do is to help everyone as much as possible. Like the name of his blog, "Yao Xia Lu Yong", he feels that he is good at fighting for justice.

In 2006, accompanied by volunteers, they went to India with a group from South Korea and directly found local generic drug factories. In his words, he is "exploring the way" for his patients and bringing more help.

"A false alarm" was frustrated, but he believed:

My own 'encounter' stimulated some 'change'

In the following 10 years, Lu Yong became the "celebrity" of the "CML" patient circle in China, also known as the "drug God".

At the end of 2013, a patient in Sichuan once again contacted Lu Yong through the Internet for help in drug purchase, but no reply was received. Asked other patients, they replied that Lu Yong might have been arrested. Lu Yong, the God of medicine, suddenly disappeared from the group's attention, which caused everyone's anxiety.

Since then, the information has been collected, and the patients know that in November of that year, Lu Yong was taken away by the police because he was suspected of selling 'fake drugs', and then was released on bail pending trial. According to China's law, unregistered drugs are "fake drugs", and Indian generic drugs purchased by patients with Lu Yong's help belong to this category. According to Article 8 of the amendment to the criminal law, as long as the suspect intentionally produces and sells fake drugs, it constitutes a crime. No matter whether he makes profits or whether he has actual personal injury, Lu Yong's behavior has been suspected of 'crime'.

On January 10, 2015, during the period of bail pending trial, Lu Yong was arrested by the police because he was "unable to appear in court for many times", and was prosecuted by the people's Procuratorate of Yuanjiang City, Hunan Province for the crimes of "hindering the management of credit card" and "selling fake drugs". During the trial, Lu Yong insisted that he was innocent, that what he had done had not violated the law, that all the accusations and suspicions he had had need not be defended, and that what he had done was "peace of mind". During this period, in order to help Lu Yong, a signature with thousands of patients for help was submitted to the court, hoping that the court could exempt Lu Yong from criminal punishment. Fortunately, according to the relevant laws and regulations, finally, the procuratorial organ withdrew the prosecution against Lu Yong, and the court also made a ruling on the "withdrawal of prosecution", thus Lu Yong also avoided a "prison disaster".

"To be honest, I was frustrated at that time. I felt that I was doing a good thing, and I became the defendant. I met with such" treatment "and felt unfair!" at the same time, Lu Yong said that the signed solidarity from the patients moved him very much, proving that what I did was "popular". He also revealed that after the incident happened, including CCTV's "live news room", "today's story", "face to face", "news 1 + 1" and other well-known news columns, they have done in-depth interviews and interpretation. Until recently, on the well-known film review website, senior film reviewers have also updated interpretation from the perspective of film review through these news reports. 'I think my affair has become a representative event, which has promoted some policy changes. Lu yongxiao said that his' encounter 'has become a' landmark 'event, which may have promoted some kind of reform.

He recalled that at that time, a lot of multimedia went to ask the drug administration of Wuxi about the judicial interpretation issued by the supreme law of 2014, asking them to "sell a small number of drugs processed privately according to folk traditional formula, or sell a small number of foreign and overseas drugs imported without approval, without causing harm to others or delaying the diagnosis and treatment. If the circumstances are obviously minor and the harm is not serious, they will not recognize it How to operate the "crime" provisions in the actual law enforcement, including how to define the "small amount" has aroused extensive discussion. "The friends of the drug administration said that, in fact, the focus of their crackdown is on APIs, fake foreign drugs that do not have curative effects, etc. there is no problem that we do not engage in illegal purchasing of these foreign drugs that do not have batch numbers but are really cheap and effective. '

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