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at the end of the nursing examination, we all worked hard to find the real questions to evaluate the answers. Now, more than a month after the examination, are you all busy with graduation, internship, dating and tourism? Today, it seems that you can query the nursing examination results. Don't be excited when you query. The 2018 nursing examination results query entrance, so this year's nursing examination score line will be How much?

Score query time

The test results will be announced 45 working days after the test. Candidates can log in to the China Health Talent Network ( by virtue of their examination permit number and valid certificate number, and enter the 'performance query' area to query the results. The results will be reported in the form of standard scores.

How does the standard score come from?

Since 2016, the nursing examination began to implement standard scores! So, what is the standard score?

For example, if the difficulty of the morning test paper is much higher than that of the afternoon test paper, the score of the morning test paper will be higher than that of the afternoon test paper. In this way, the score of the difficult test paper will be higher than that of the easy test paper.

In other words, it is necessary to draw different fractional lines in different fields, and then unify the real fractional lines in different fields. Of course, the basis of demarcation is the passing rate.

All in all, the standard score is to make everyone more fair!

Report card printing

The printing time of the nurse qualification examination report is generally from August to November. You must download and print the report card within the specified time and keep it properly. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to make up for it. Specific online printing and delivery time need to wait for official notice.

The result certificate of nurse practice qualification examination is an effective proof for applying for nurse practice registration. You must print the report card within the specified time, because this report card is useful whether you pass the registration certificate or take the next test next year!

Receiving time of nurse qualification examination certificate

According to previous years, the time for obtaining the nurse practice qualification certificate may be from January 2019 to July 2019 at the local health bureau.

No application for performance review after examination

All the nurse qualification examinations are objective questions, which use the unified computer scoring, so they do not accept the application of performance review, that is to say, they can not apply to the relevant departments for score check after the examination, and the scores are subject to the China Health Talent Network.

To prevent being deceived or breaking the law

This must be the key point! Never be fooled!

No matter before or after the exam, finding a shortcut is the criticism of many examinees. Xiaohu here stressed that we must not believe the cheating of changing scores after the test. Nursing examination is a computer-based examination, and the scores will be collected to the national medical examination center soon. Examinees should remember to change points are deceitful! It is against the law to apply for false certificates!

​ frequently asked questions about registration of nurse certificate?

(1) Where can I get the registration form?

You can print it by yourself. If you work, the hospital will send it to you.

(2) No job, pass the exam, how to register?

You need to find a hospital before you can get the certificate. If you can't find a job, you can let your family see if you can find an acquaintance's hospital to help you register.

(3) Can the clinic register?

Yes, but it must be a regular clinic. (warm reminder of nurse's study notes: if the clinic is not formal, it will be very troublesome to transfer the relationship when the time comes, and the business license of the clinic will be required. Be careful, however, if it is about to expire, you can only register in the clinic.)

(4) Is there a difference between registering in a clinic and in a large hospital?

There is no difference. They are all issued by the Health Bureau.

(5) What is the difference between the certificate of qualification and the certificate of practice?

The certificate is issued by the school, and the license is issued by the Health Bureau.

(6) Transcript and certificate of conformity

At the prompt, the report card comes with a picture.

(7) About photos

We remember that it's OK to prepare several more photos and eight more photos. It's not enough time to save them. The registration photos are submitted to the Health Bureau by yourself. The photos need to be taken by yourself. Prepare eight small two inch white photos.

(8) After graduation from secondary school, I have passed the examination and intend to go to college. I don't know what to do with the nurse certificate?

First register the certificate.

(9) The difference between early registration and late registration

There is no difference. The application for the registration of nurse practice certificate shall be submitted within 3 years from the date of passing the nurse practice qualification examination. If the application is submitted beyond the time limit, in addition to the materials specified in Article 7 of these measures, the certificate of three months' clinical nursing training and passing the examination shall also be submitted to the teaching and general hospital specified by the Ministry of health administration of the people's Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government.

(10) The school issued professional and technical qualification certificate, and the Health Bureau issued nurse practice qualification certificate (all issued after registration).

(11) Is the certificate different from the report card? Are they all printed in one day?

Different, the report card can be printed on China Health Talent Network, and the certificate of conformity is issued uniformly.

(12) This year's examination of the qualifications of the undergraduate students, next year can apply for the nurse?

Application conditions of nurse:

1. Obtain the corresponding professional secondary school education and have been employed as a nurse for at least 5 years;

2. Obtain the corresponding professional college degree and have been employed as a nurse for at least 3 years;

3. Bachelor degree or master's degree in corresponding major, and one year's technical work in this major.

(13) How long will it take to register?

This depends on the time that your local health bureau issues it, generally in February to April of the next year.

(14) We can't use the files for registration. Please don't worry about the files. The first registration can be registered in a different place. The registration time hasn't started yet. We need to wait for the qualification certificate to come down, then prepare the materials, wait for the notice of the Health Bureau, and hand the materials to the hospital.

(15) When can I register

It is recommended to pay attention to the official website of the local health bureau, which will be published at the beginning of registration.

I wish you all success in passing the nursing examination and getting the nurse qualification examination certificate;