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Inside the barber's glove Shampoo

Now many people are used to going to the barber's to wash their hair. They can lie down comfortably and let the barber blow their hair. But every time I blow my hair, do you think my hair is flowing, but my head is broken, my hair is tight, and I feel very uncomfortable? Do you know what's going on?

The tubs of shampoo used for hair washing are irritating to adults and children. If you use it, you will lose your hair! The staff even wear gloves to prevent skin cracks on their hands.

Like you have to wear gloves to wash your hair, right?

Staff of a barber shop:

Because my skin is sensitive, if I use this shampoo consistently, it will crack. That kind of big barrel shampoo uses up a lot of scalp problems, cutin is thinner and thinner, hair loss. It doesn't matter if it's cold, but it can't be used often.

Staff of a barber shop:

This kind of shampoo fluorescent agent increases, there is no fun in common. We all know the ingredients in this. The big ones are not very good.

Where does the shampoo used by hairdressers come from? The reporter found Guangguang street and the hairdressing commodity street near bile street, Nangang District, Harbin city.

The reporter visited the street and found that the main sales channel of this kind of big barrel shampoo is the hairdressing shop. The sales are usually packed in ten jin, and the prices are between 10 yuan and 30 yuan. When the reporter asked the store for the quality certificate, the other side said that the manufacturer never provided it.

Reporter also visited another shampoo wholesale market, dongneishi Hutong, Daowai District, Harbin city. The price and volume of shampoo here are even more amazing. A certain shampoo, a bucket of 40 Jin, 75 yuan, accounting down to only one Jin eight hair seven.

Is there a quality inspection report for such a low price shampoo? The businessman assured the reporter that all the products he sells can be provided with quality inspection reports and are all qualified products. At the request of the reporter, he provided a quality inspection report. But the report says another sign.

In another shop selling shampoo, the shampoo introduced by the merchant to the reporter is totally a three no product. The reporter did not see any label on the outer package, even the most basic factory name, address and production date were not pasted.

If there is no quality inspection report, certificate or even the minimum production date, what is the substance in it? Has it passed the production date?

The reporter bought ten kinds of shampoos on the street of two shampoos and sent them to Heilongjiang Light Industry Scientific Research Institute for testing. The results showed that all the effective substances in four kinds of shampoos were unqualified.

The reporter reported to the market supervision and management department, and the staff of the market supervision and management office made a spot check on the hotel supplies store in the whole street. In the spot check, some businesses are unable to provide the quality inspection report in time. At the same time, some businesses sell products with no production date on the outer packaging. To this end, the staff of the market supervision and administration office said that they would strictly supervise and resolutely investigate and punish the illegal acts of selling "three no products".