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Is varicose suit bubble foot? Who is not suitable for health preservation?

Although hot water feet can play a very good role, especially in winter, feet can relieve the fatigue of a day, very comfortable, for many people, feet is a very good health process, but also some people are not suitable for feet. So who is not suitable for feet?

Can varicose veins soak feet in hot water

Can not

Varicose vein is a tortuous vein dilation caused by the blood return caused by the insufficiency of venous valve function, and hot water feet will promote the blood circulation, aggravate the congestion of lower limbs, so as to further expand the vein.

Varicose patients who can't do anything about varicose veins can't wash their feet with hot water, and can't warm their feet with hot water bags or take a sauna foot bath. Usually, the bath water should not exceed 40 ℃, avoid wearing too tight high heels, and try to avoid bending their legs and sitting and standing for a long time.

The benefits of feet soaking on the body hot water can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, strengthen the circulation of the body, reduce the occurrence of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other diseases.

At the same time, through the massage of the foot, it can help to treat some diseases.

Who is not suitable for feet

1. Developing children

The water temperature of the feet in the developing period should not be too high. If the feet are often soaked with overheated water, the plantar ligament will be deformed and relaxed due to the heat, which is not conducive to the development of the arch of the foot, and it is easy to induce flat feet for a long time.

2. One who is empty or full

People who have an empty stomach or are too full should not soak their feet, because the blood vessels of feet expand and the blood volume increases when they soak their feet, which results in the decrease of gastrointestinal and visceral blood and affects the gastrointestinal digestive function. That is to say, foot bath before meal may inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, which is harmful to digestion; foot bath immediately after meal may reduce the blood volume of gastrointestinal tract and affect digestion.

3. A person who is in a state of great anger, sorrow, joy, or mental tension or physical fatigue

Although it's good to soak feet, before you soak feet, you need to know who can't soak feet, and the precautions for soaking feet, so that you can keep healthy.

4. Renal failure, heart failure and other critical patients

What kind of person can't bubble feet? Because the condition of various critical patients such as renal failure and heart failure is very unstable, the stimulation of foot reflex area may cause strong reaction and complicate the condition, so this kind of person shouldn't bubble feet.

5. Women in pregnancy and menstruation

Who can't bubble feet? Women in pregnancy and menstruation can't bubble feet, because bathing feet with traditional Chinese medicine may stimulate women's gonadal reflex area, thus affecting the health of women and fetus.

6. Diabetics

Who can't bubble feet? People with diabetes should pay special attention to the level of water temperature, because this kind of patients are prone to peripheral neuropathy, so that the peripheral nerves can't normally sense the external temperature, even if the water temperature is very high, they can't sense it, so they are easy to be scalded.