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24 solar terms regimen recommended solar terms these recipes collection

Heat stroke is easy to happen when the weather is hot and the strong sunlight is too long. It's easy to be restless, sweaty and anxious, so what's good for Xiaoshu solar term regimen? It's recommended in Xiaoshu solar term regimen, don't miss it.

1. Corn and yam paste

Ingredients: 20g corn, 10g yam.

Method: grind the two flavors into powder, add water and boil to paste 1 sugar for proper seasoning.

Indications: dyspepsia in children.

2. Stir fried tofu skin with radish

Ingredients: 1 piece of tofu skin, 100g white radish, proper amount of vegetable oil, salt and onion.

Method: soak the tofu skin in clear water and cut it into thin shreds. Wash the radish and cut into shreds. Stir fry it with vegetable oil and add onion, salt and other seasonings. One dose per day.

Indications: infantile milk and food stagnation, dyspepsia.

3. white radish juice

With shake: white radish, green onion, etc.

Method: drink more juice and take more.

Indications: infantile food stagnation.

4. Salted radish soup

Ingredients: 250g carrot, 3G salt.

Method: add salt to carrots, boil them, remove the dregs and take the juice. Take them three times a day for two days.

Note: it's OK to fry the soup with carrot and water.

Indications: infantile dyspepsia, malnutrition.

5. Watermelon tomato juice

Ingredients: half watermelon, three tomatoes of moderate size.

Method: peel and seed watermelon, scald tomato with boiling water, peel and seed. Both of them are wringing juice at the same time, the two liquids are combined, and they are drunk with the amount.

Efficacy: clearing away heat, promoting body fluid and relieving thirst. For summer cold, thirsty, fidgety, inappetence, dyspepsia, red fever urination is particularly suitable.

6. Jujube and sorghum powder

With shake: Red Sorghum 50g, jujube 10.

Method: remove the core of jujube and fry it. Stir fry the sorghum and yellow it. Grind it to the end. Take 10g every time for 2-year-old children and 15g every time for 3-5-year-old children, twice a day.

Indications: dyspepsia in children.

7. chestnut paste

Ingredients: 7-10 chestnuts.

Method: peel and mash chestnuts, add some water and boil them into paste, and then add some sugar and seasoning to feed them.

Indications: dyspepsia in children.

8. Longan orange cake sugar

Ingredients: 100g longan meat, 100g orange cake and 500g white sugar.

Method: put the sugar into the pot, add some water, boil it with a small fire, add longan meat and orange cake, mix well, and then boil until the spatula picks it up into a silk shape, cease fire, pour it into the plate coated with cooking oil, flatten it, slightly cool it, cut it into small pieces with a knife for eating, 50-100g per day, often eating.

Note: one side uses pigeon egg instead of orange cake.

Indications: insomnia, forgetfulness.

9. Millet and Zaoren congee

With shake: millet 100g, jujube face 10g, honey 30g.

Method: cook millet porridge and wait for it to ripen, put it into jujube kernel noodles, mix well, add honey when eating, take it twice a day.

Indications: insomnia.