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What does HEMA fresh do? Is HEMA fresh opened by Ma Yun?

Today, HEMA fresh life has aroused strong dissatisfaction from Beijing people due to the regional discrimination in recruitment, which has attracted media attention. So what do you know about HEMA fresh life? Let's get to know.

HEMA Xiansheng is a new retail format completely reconstructed by Alibaba for offline supermarkets. HEMA is a supermarket, a restaurant and a vegetable market, but such descriptions seem to be inaccurate. Consumers can buy in the store or place an order in the HEMA app. One of the biggest characteristics of HEMA is fast delivery: within 3 kilometers around the store, 30 minutes delivery to the door.

The box and horse are mostly opened in the residents' gathering area. The order shopping needs to download the box horse App, only supports Alipay payment, does not accept cash, bank card and so on any other payment way. In fact, behind the strong push of Alipay's payment is the ambition of big box data mining in the future.

Alibaba provides member services for consumers who live in fresh boxes. Users can register with Taobao or Alipay account so that consumers can view and buy goods from the nearest store. In the future, HEMA can track consumers' purchase behavior and make personalized suggestions with the help of big data.

Price advantage of fresh HEMA

HEMA also has some advantages in price. According to the prices in HEMA fresh food supermarket and online app, the common vegetables in Shanghai, such as green vegetables, chicken hair vegetables, lettuce and leek, cost only 1.5 yuan / bag, while the prices of cabbage, cabbage heart, red amaranth, parsley, oilwheat vegetables and chrysanthemum are only 2.5 yuan / bag, which is more than 10% lower than the traditional vegetable market. None of these dishes weighs more than 480 grams. According to Zhang Guohong, this is because there is no intermediate link. Every day, the vegetables are directly collected and supplied from the vegetable bases in Chongming, Fengxian and other places. After the whole cold chain transportation and fine packaging, they are directly sold in the refrigerator of HEMA fresh supermarket. If the goods are not sold out, they will be destroyed on the same night. 'we don't charge the suppliers a penny to enter the market, and we will directly subsidize the cost saved in the whole chain to the consumers On the other hand, it ensures that HEMA can keep the mode sustainable in the case of low profit. '