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What medicine is Lenin? Why is it so expensive? What is the price of China's Lenin?

After a movie "I'm not the God of medicine" was released, it immediately burst the circle of friends and major social networks. Many people said they went in laughing and crying. After watching the movie, many people came out with suppressed emotions. So what kind of medicine is Lenin? Why is it so expensive? How much is a bottle for Lenin?

What medicine is Lenin? Why is it so expensive

In fact, the priceless drug "Lenin" in the film is Gleevec.

Gleevec (imatinib mesylate) is a good drug to save cancer patients. It is a molecular targeting drug for tyrosine kinase bcr-abl developed by Novartis. Now, as the first-line drug for Philadelphia chromosome positive chronic myeloid leukemia, its effective rate is as high as 95%, and it has also achieved a definite effect in the treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

Although Gleevec can't cure the disease completely, it can make the patients recover as normal. However, you need to take medicine for a long time. Once you stop taking medicine, your body will fall off.

Only Switzerland can produce the authentic greavel in the world. The price of this kind of medicine is very high. In China, the price of each box is nearly 20000, and each box can only be eaten for one month. Like the plot in the movie, many families are overwhelmed by the high price of anticancer drugs, some of them can't even afford them.

What medicine is Lenin? Why is it so expensive

Industry insiders said that the high R & D cost is an important reason for the high price of patented drugs. It is said that the R & D of a new drug often costs more than US $1 billion. Therefore, in order to encourage the innovation of pharmaceutical companies, all countries have implemented independent pricing rights for patented drugs, so that pharmaceutical companies can recover costs and profits before the patent period, which requires high price support.

It is understood that the price of Gleevec varies from place to place around the world. For example, in Hong Kong, it is about 18000 yuan, in Japan, 16000 yuan, in the United States, it is about 13600 yuan, and in South Korea, it is only 9700 yuan. Why is the price of Gleevec in mainland China as high as 24000 yuan?

What medicine is Lenin? Why is it so expensive

Guo Yueming, director of Shanxi provincial medical reform office, said that this has something to do with China's unique institutional costs. First, the high drug tax rate has pushed up the price of drugs to a certain extent. Second, the price increases in the circulation of drugs will be passed on to patients.

In fact, the well-known greavellian event on the Internet is the prototype of the movie. The prototype of Cheng Yong played by Xu Zheng is Lu Yong. Unlike the movie, Lu Yong is also a leukemia patient. After finding out the disease in 2002, Lu Yong spent 560000 yuan per day on a box of high-priced anticancer drugs to stabilize the disease. There are few patients like him who can make money to survive.

One day after 2004, Lu Yong read the literature and learned that an Indian manufacturer was copying the anti-cancer drugs he took every day. Lu Yong saw the hope and finally bought the medicine from Japan. It costs 4000 yuan per box. After sharing the good news with his patients, Lu Yong asked thousands of people to help him buy it. Because of the large quantity, Lu Yong simply found the Indian manufacturers to bargain directly. As a result, patients spend less than 200 yuan a month on drugs. However, Lu Yong's behavior was illegal and eventually arrested, but fortunately, with the support of other patients, he was acquitted.