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I'm not the God of Medicine

The movie "I'm not the God of medicine" has been shown. Many people have watched the movie with tears in their laughter. Many of the lines are also sentence after sentence. So what classic lines can you remember deeply. Let's remember.

I'm not the classic summary of Yaoshen's quotations

1. Didn't God say that saving one's life is better than building a seven level butcher

2. benevolence and skillful hand make up for all living beings, leaving the world forever famous

3. Didn't God say that if you don't go to hell, who will

That's what the Buddha said. Can you shut your mouth

4. Do you want to be a savior?

I don't want to be a savior. I want to make money

5. Let me tell you the good news. We only sell 2000 mosquito medicines for 3000 mosquitoes

6. You sell aphrodisiac. What are you doing with so many brocade flags

7. Life is money

8. I don't want to die, I want to live

9. Have an orange

I'm not a classic line dialogue

Life is money to expose the cruel reality of leukemia

I've been sick for three years and I've been eating for three years. In order to buy medicine, the house is gone, and my family is ruined. Who hasn't got a patient yet? Can you guarantee that you won't get sick for life? I don't want to die, I want to live.

In the film, patients with CML need to take 'Lenin' for a long time to maintain their life in the chronic stage of the disease. The drug is priced at more than 30000 yuan per box and can only be taken for one month.

A patient's annual medication is more than 400000 yuan, what does this mean for ordinary families? 'I took the medicine for three years, ate the house, ate the family down. 'this line in the film is a true portrayal of many CML patients.

We can't afford 5000? 3000. '

When it comes to the fact that the price of generic "Indian Lenin" is 5000 yuan, some people still can't accept it. '5000 a month, 60000 a year. "We can't afford 5000? 3000. '

Before 'Lenin' was included in the medical insurance, all the expenses of taking medicine for the patients need to be paid by themselves. Even the medical expenses of 5000 yuan per month for the sick working class are hard to bear.

'there's no medicine, that's it. '

The price of medicine is so high, but it can't be stopped for a day. "Lenin" to CML patients is like air, once the drug is broken, the condition will worsen.

The pathogenesis of CML can be divided into chronic stage, accelerated stage and acute stage. Even if we start taking the medicine again, it will have little effect. From chronic stage to accelerated stage, the general patients can spend 3 to 5 years.

'India is a pharmacy for the poor. '

The price of "Indian Lenin" in the film is only 2000 yuan, less than one tenth of the genuine medicine. It's not just 'India Lenin', there are many generic drugs in India that cost far less than patent drugs. 》》》》I'm not the God of medicine. What's glienin

India implements universal health insurance, but due to the poor economic conditions of most people, the Indian government has formulated special patent compulsory special needs. When the public can't afford to buy high priced patent drugs, whether the patent protection period is over or not, the drugs are allowed to be directly copied.

Without the R & D investment in the early stage of patent drugs, the cost of generic drugs has naturally decreased, and the price can reach 20% to 40% of patent drugs. In addition, Indian law also stipulates that Indian generic drugs can be exported to other countries.

'now no one has made fake medicine. The genuine medicine has been put into the medical insurance. '

The film's "Lenin" and Novartis pharmaceutical production of Gleevec is only a word away. The price of the original Novartis in the mainland is 235, in Hong Kong is 17000, and in the United States and South Korea is about 136 and 10000, respectively.

It's hard for people who haven't taken high priced drugs for a long time to understand the weight of the three words "enter medical insurance". Behind this is the constant exploration of the reform of the important medical system.

'I don't want to die, I want to live. '

'if he got married earlier, maybe I could be Grandpa. '

More desperate than incurable disease is to know that there is a cure for incurable disease, but it can't be cured. CML patients are called the luckiest cancer patients. As long as they take medicine regularly, they can live like normal people, and even stop taking medicine, which is the main reason why many people are reluctant to give up hope.

Whether it's a young man who just started a family or an old man who is over sixty, he wants to hold on to this hope when he knows that there is medicine to cure. But the gap between them and normal people needs a lot of money to bridge.

'I'm not a white blood patient. '

'can you promise never to get sick?'

'I'm not a white blood patient. 'it's an angry remark of the movie's protagonist. 'can you guarantee that you will never get sick?' is a question the patient asks the law enforcement officer. The incidence of leukemia in China is about 3 / 100000 ~ 4 / 100000, among which CML accounts for about 15% ~ 20%.

The pathogenesis of CML is caused by chromosomal abnormalities, which may occur at any age. No one can guarantee that they will never get sick, so no one can really stay out of it