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Why is China's Lenin so expensive? Can't China produce Lenin itself?

The movie "I'm not the God of medicine" draws the attention of many audiences back to leukemia, cancer and other incurable diseases. Because of the high price, many people have to take the risk to take cheap Indian medicine. Is Lenin Gulliver? Why is it so expensive in China?

In the movie, countless patients are waiting to take an anti-cancer drug called "Lenin" to save their lives, but they can't afford it because it's too expensive. In fact, 'Lenin' in the movie is Swiss Gleevec, which is an oral cancer drug with small side effects and can inhibit diseases. It is the best choice for many cancer patients. But the high price has forced many patients to linger on the life and death line.

Is Lenin greavey?

It is understood that the price of Gleevec in mainland China is much more expensive than other countries. South Korea sells for about 3000 yuan / bottle, Hong Kong, China for about 17000-19000 yuan / bottle, the United States for about 19000 yuan / bottle, and China for up to 25800 yuan / bottle. Why is that?

Gleevec is a cancer specific drug developed by Novartis, Switzerland. It is regarded as a medical miracle by many medical experts. As a patented drug, the patent of Gleevec is strictly protected by law. However, as Gleevec is a special drug closely related to human life and health, the international patent law has opened up a net to allow a country to implement a compulsory patent license under special circumstances to copy this drug.

I'm not a drug God. Why is Lenin so expensive

The reason lies in the fact that manufacturers are monopolistic in this kind of medicine. In order to promote their own interests, many businesses have high priced medicine. It is their own business that the poor can't afford it, and they will die without money. These are very realistic. The R & D right is in the hands of the capitalists, and the existence of high priced medicine is just like this.

We can see that the material cost and time cost of developing a new drug are very huge. In fact, except for the few giant pharmaceutical companies with a long history in the world, few companies have the ability to develop a new drug independently. So, it's understandable that the special drugs made by large pharmaceutical companies are more expensive. After all, they need enough profits to develop the next new drug!

But when Cheng Yong went to India for purchase, he found that the price of the medicine had to be several times different. Why? Why is it cheaper for India's Lenin?

In India's patent law, Novartis drugs are only recognized for their manufacturing process, not for their compounds.

Take Lenin for example.

Why can Indian medicine be so cheap?

India's generic medicine is' piracy '. That's what the Indian government says. I admit that your synthetic circuits and products should be protected and applied to all medicines.

Although this kind of disrespect for intellectual property rights has been criticized internationally, the Indian government has also promulgated relevant regulations.

However, when there is a humanitarian disaster, involving major diseases of the people's livelihood, whether you authorize or not, I will allow our pharmaceutical factories to produce. Cancer is a major disease. I'll let my pharmaceutical factory produce it. It's humanitarian. So India's pharmaceutical plants produced Greaves, saving on patent fees.

So can Gleevec really cure cancer?

In fact, Gleevec can't cure the disease. Once the drug is stopped, many people will relapse. This drug just suppresses the disease, but it can make the patients live as normal as before.