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What happened to Xiaomi's announcement of the winning result? When will Xiaomi go public?

Xiaomi has an unshakable position in the mobile phone industry, so what is the result of Xiaomi's public lottery? Xiaomi's listing process can be described as suffering and twists and turns. Recently, Xiaomi's public lottery result, let's get to know.

What's going on with Xiaomi announcing the winning result

Xiaomi's IPO ended last week, and the whole process of listing has been in twists and turns. After the ups and downs of valuation dispute, suspension of CDR, cold first day of IPO, and flight out, there is a 5% drop in the transaction price of off-site large investors.

Xiaomi (Stock Code: 1810. HK), the first new share with different rights in Hong Kong, will be listed on Monday (9). Market news said that the transaction price of Xiaomi in the OTC market was 16.15 yuan, 5% lower than the bidding price of 17 yuan, with a trading volume of 220 million Hong Kong dollars (28 million US dollars). Securities companies such as Yitong, yaocai, and Zhifu remind customers that if Xiaomi breaks out in the over-the-counter trading of retail investors on Friday (July 6), if financing subscription customers with higher holdings are unwilling to make up their positions, they may be sold on behalf of them in the formal trading next Monday.

According to market news, Xiaomi's one hand signing rate is 100%, that is, everyone has a share, and the number of subscribers is 110000, of which more than 25000 apply for one hand. Xiaomi's IPO excess ratio was 8.5 times and the frozen capital was HK $23 billion, down from the previous subscription of more than 10 times, but still higher than the original expectation.

On June 29, Xiaomi's valuation dispute was settled. The IPO price of Xiaomi in Hong Kong was finally set at HK $17 / share, which was at the lower limit of the range of HK $17-22. Based on this calculation, Xiaomi's listing value was US $53.9 billion. According to Xiaomi prospectus, the number of shares offered by Xiaomi group globally is about 2.18 billion, and the financing amount of Xiaomi group is 37.06 billion Hong Kong dollars based on the price of 17 Hong Kong dollars per share. Xiaomi will officially announce the distribution results on Friday (July 6), and on the same day, the securities companies will set up retail dark trading.

Xiaomi announces the winning result

On July 9, Xiaomi will officially go public in Hong Kong. This is the biggest thing since their 8th anniversary.

As the new shares to be listed, Xiaomi's early subscription is sure to be quite popular, right? Xiaomi has also announced the results and has been slightly oversubscribed.

Xiaomi announced that it has received 1034986800 subscription applications, which is about 9.5 times of the oversubscribed shares. Based on the selling price of HK $17, it is estimated that the net financing is HK $23.975 billion.

According to the official news, the highest selling price is 22 Hong Kong dollars per share, and the maximum entrance fee is about 4400 Hong Kong dollars (about 3650 yuan) based on 200 shares per hand.

Xiaomi's IPO has been in constant waves, but also encountered infringement lawsuits.

Recently, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court accepted yuan Gongyi's lawsuit against Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (collectively referred to as Xiaomi company) for infringing the necessary patent of 3GPP standard. The plaintiff claimed that Xiaomi company, without its authorization, has used the patent technology involved in 12 kinds of Xiaomi series mobile phones, such as Xiaomi 5x, Xiaomi max2 and Xiaomi note3, which are produced and sold in China, and requested the court to order the defendant to stop the infringement and compensate for the economic loss of 50 million yuan and the corresponding reasonable expenses.

Xiaomi, who has been controversial all the way, has also broken the record.

It is reported that Xiaomi will be included in the Hang Seng Composite Index after listing or 10 trading days, setting a record for Hong Kong stocks to be included in the Hang Seng Index as soon as possible. After Xiaomi was officially listed on July 9, his future trend will continue to be the focus of attention.