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I'm not Yao Shen's latest box office statistics. I'm not Yao Shen's box office forecast

On July 4, the total box office of drug God, which was not officially released, was over 100 million. So far, the box office has nearly broken 400 million. The film is adapted from real events, so how many billion do you think the box office will be in the end?

Directed by wenmuye, supervised by Ning Hao and supervised by Xu Zheng [Weibo], the movie "I'm not the God of medicine" has gained double good reputation at the box office since its opening on June 30. According to the data of cat's eye box office, the total real-time box office of the movie has exceeded 100 million only during the period of screening. On the day of the official opening on July 5, the cumulative box office (including the point show) has been refreshed to 359 million yuan. The box office reached 145 million per day.

On July 4, the total box office of drug God, which was not officially released, exceeded 100 million, and won the single day box office title for three consecutive days from July 3.

The film I am not the God of medicine, directed by wenmuye, supervised by Ning Hao and supervised and starred by Xu Zheng, was released nationwide on July 5. The film is inspired by the "drug man" Lu Yong event in 2015, on which a certain literary adaptation has been made. In the movie, Cheng Yong, played by Xu Zheng, is a male health care product vendor who can't pay the rent. By chance, Cheng Yong becomes the exclusive agent of generic drugs in India, thus reaping high profits and being given the title of "drug God". However, after contacting the white blood patients, Cheng Yong's original intention of "pursuing profits for the greater" gradually turned into a kind heart of compassion for the heaven and the people. Various contradictions such as the survival plight of patients, the moral plight of drug traffickers, the legal plight of police, and the commercial plight of pharmaceutical companies appeared in the film, which is thought-provoking.

Since June 30, "I am not the God of medicine" has been shown on a large scale for several consecutive days across the country. This realistic film, which is based on the real events, has a good box office reputation once it is released. The film broke through 300 million yuan in 20:29 hours. At present, the film's film arrangement rate and attendance rate keep a large lead. After the release, the recommendation rate of microblog's big V is still as high as 100% (80 people's rating), and the public's rating is 9.5.

On the spot, there was a lot of praise

A few days ago, thousands of people were ahead of schedule in the movie. After watching the movie, the audience expressed their love for "I am not the God of medicine" with three long applause. The audience sincerely commented: "through the story of the little people, social phenomena are reflected, and the joy is not lost. '

In the process of sharing and interaction, the audience still gave seven thunderous applause to the creators. "With conscience, courage, temperature, acting skills and quality, I am not the God of medicine" is an important breakthrough in Chinese film. '

Many viewers also share their experience of watching movies on the Internet for the first time. In the 116 minutes of watching the movie with tears and laughter, "I am not the God of medicine" vividly unfolds the tough life story of the little character with the realistic depiction of grassroots group image.