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The effect and action of Sanqi powder what time does Sanqi powder take effect well?

Sanqi powder has the magical effect of improving immunity, reducing blood fat and anti-aging. It is a kind of health food that many old people like very much. When is the best time to take Sanqi powder? Do you know the effect and function of Sanqi powder?

What is the advantage of taking 37 powder in the morning?

develop immunity from disease

Taking Notoginseng Powder in the morning has a good absorption effect. The notoginsenosides in Notoginseng Powder have the functions of anti free radicals and enhancing the resistance, so taking it in the morning can enhance the resistance.


Sanqi powder has the effect of lowering cholesterol. The oil content in the morning is very low, so eating it can directly reduce the blood lipid, prevent hyperlipidemia or other physical discomfort.


Panax Notoginseng Powder is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine containing a large number of anti free radical components, such as Panax notoginseng saponins, Panax notoginseng flavonoids, etc., which can alleviate the aging caused by free radicals invading cells.

Prevention of thrombosis

In the morning, taking Sanqi powder can increase the water content of blood, reduce the viscosity of blood, and directly affect the blood, reduce the content of blood lipids, so it has the effect of preventing thrombus.

What's the advantage of taking Panax Notoginseng Powder at night?

Calm and sleep

Sanqi powder has a two-way regulating effect of calming and sleeping and invigorating spirit, so taking Sanqi powder before supper can help calm and sleep.

Whitening and freckle elimination

At night, the metabolism of skin renewal is strong. Taking Sanqi powder, which can promote the reduction of skin basal fat, moisturize and moisturize skin, remove spots and whiten skin, smooth wrinkles and resist wrinkles, has a better effect of whitening and removing spots.

stimulate the circulation of blood

New blood will breed in the evening. Taking Sanqi powder can promote blood circulation and prevent cold hands and feet.

Protection of cardio cerebral vessels

Taking Sanqi powder in the evening can reduce blood pressure and blood fat, and prevent the blood from getting too thick in the next morning, resulting in physical discomfort.

Taking Sanqi powder before meals or after meals can directly affect the focus of the disease. Taking Sanqi powder after meals has little gastrointestinal stimulation. Therefore, the effect and effect of taking Sanqi powder before and after meals are different. When taking Sanqi powder, you should start from your own needs to determine whether to take it before meals or after meals.

Who is suitable to take powder of Panax notoginseng before meals?

People with gastrointestinal bleeding should take Panax Notoginseng Powder before meals.

Sanqi powder can stop bleeding by directly acting on the bleeding point, so taking it before meals can directly act on the bleeding point, which has the effect of fast hemostasis.

What person suits to take 37 powder after meal?

People with weak intestines and stomach are suitable for taking after meals.

Panax Notoginseng Powder has a strong effect. Eating it directly will stimulate the stomach and intestines, leading to some discomfort in the stomach and intestines. Therefore, some people with weak gastrointestinal function should take Sanqi powder after meals to avoid some gastrointestinal irritation.