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What is the final ending of Qiyun in "whirlwind"? Who is Qi Yun last with?

The TV play "whirlwind", starring Yang Mi and Ruan Jingtian, is on the air. It has a very high audience rating at the beginning of the broadcast. In the latest plot, Qiyun, Zongyue and Yunwen are deeply involved in emotional disputes. So who is Qiyun finally with? Who does Qiyun like?

In the novel, Zong likes to support others, while in the TV, Zong is always in love with Nie Ruhan for the first time. In the play, Zong Yue tells changsun Wuji that the family is destroyed and the people die with injustice. This revenge hasn't been repaid. He can't see his ancestors. Haha, Zong Yue's Revenge line is more solid. He feels that it's too complicated to impose the emotional line. So Zong Yue has his own emotional line and doesn't like to support others.

All the friends who have seen the TV play know that Zongyue and yunkeng are brothers. They are all Xuanyuan blood. In the play, Zong Yue misses the warm scene of family reunion when he was a child. In his memory, there is a little girl holding a cat. This little girl is Qi Yun, Qi Yun is Qi Zhen's daughter. Qi Yun likes to play with Zong Yue since childhood, and likes Zongyue, but Zongyue doesn't care about her. Zong Yue has always been in love with Nie Ruhan for the first time. He has been in love with Nie Ruhan all his life. Nie Ruhan and Zong Yue have grown up. Unfortunately, in order to help Zong Yue get revenge and practice martial arts, Nie Ruhan died. Nie Ruhan can only live in Zongyue's memory forever.

Yunwen (Liang Yimu), the younger brother of Zongyue, was killed with injustice and survived without knowing his life experience. He was adopted by Qizhen since he was a child. He liked Qiyun and loved Qiyun since he was a child. Even if Qiyun wanted the stars in the sky, Yunwen would try to pick them off, but Qiyun always treated him as his own brother.