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Why don't Hui people eat pork? The reason why Hui people don't eat pork is that

Everyone has heard such a legend that "Muslims don't eat pork". Do you know the meaning of it? Pork may be a kind of food with high nutritional value for Han people, but it is absolutely untouchable for Hui people. So why don't Hui people eat pork?

Why Hui people don't eat pork

It is often asked why Muslims don't eat pork, and will they die if they eat it? Some even say that "Muslims don't eat pork because pigs are saved or pigs are the ancestors of Muslims". Those who say such things are either ignorant and illiterate, or villains with ulterior motives who undermine unity.

Neither Einstein nor Marx ate pork, because neither Jews nor most Christians ate pork. The reason why Muslims do not eat pork is that the Koran expressly prohibits Muslims from eating pork.

According to the Koran, there are only three kinds of unclean food: (1) self dead objects, (2) blood, and (3) pork. In fact, not eating pork is not a Muslim patent, nor is it the first prohibition of the Koran. Looking back more than 5000 years, looking at all religions and cultures, why do people generally dislike pigs and ban pigs? We will talk about the following aspects:

Why Hui people don't eat pork

1、 Like filth. Its living area is filthy, and its feed is also filthy, which is difficult to compare with herbivores.

2、 Sex is bad and impermanent. As the saying goes: 'tiger poisons don't eat children', but once a pig is hungry, even if it gives birth to a piglet, it can't miss the food. Generally, animals, even birds, will establish some feelings with the people who raise them. The story of helping people with animals, such as the dog Savior, is well known. But sometimes even the babies of the people who raise them, the pigs also bow to death and eat them. Their sex is inferior to that of tigers and wolves.

3、 Ugly, weird, greedy and stupid. The words "pig" are used to describe people's ugly appearance, laziness and stupidity. Even some people around us, when they say someone is too stupid, jokingly say 'someone is too' pig '. '

4、 Incest mating. Once the young pig reaches the estrus stage, some will mate with the mother (male) pig who raised him, and there is no difference between the top and bottom and respect the young. But cattle and sheep will not. Moreover, there is only one tendon on the pig's neck, which can neither see the sky nor look back. Muslims pay attention to turning around. This characteristic of pig is contrary to the Muslim's living habit, which is also a reason why Muslims do not eat pork.

Pork itself is not a good thing. Traditional Chinese medicine knows that when a patient is seriously ill, the doctor says: 'go back and stew some beef, and then add some mutton. 'have you ever seen the doctor let you eat pork? Pork is a kind of rotten meat. If you eat it badly, you can kill people. There are also professional players in China. The first requirement of foreign coaches is not to eat pork.

5、 Medical experts at all times and in all countries have put forward their scientific opinions. Li Shizhen, a medical expert in Ming Dynasty, was called the sage of medicine. He once wrote in his famous compendium of materia medica: "pig, eat not choose food, lie not choose port, look at the sky, act like a sick man. Its sexual immorality, its flesh cold, its image to ugliness, all animals do not inferior to this, if people eat fear of dyeing its sex. And he said, "the South pig has a strong taste, especially its poison.". "He means that pigs in the south are extremely poisonous, which naturally reminds people that pigs in other places are also harmful.

He further analyzed the harm of various parts of pigs to human beings and said, "pork: every pork is bitter and slightly cold, with little poison. Where pork can close blood vessels, weak muscles and bones, empty human muscles. Where there is meat, there is no meat. Pig, pork poison only in its head, the disease of the health of eating wind disease. The heart of a pig consumes more heart qi; the liver of a pig, when it is in danger of killing, scares the heart and turns to the liver. If it is eaten, it will hurt people; if it is eaten for a long time, it will hurt the kidney; if it is not eaten in winter, it will hurt people's real Qi.

From the perspective of modern medicine, the virus, bacteria and parasites in pigs are easy to infect people. At the beginning of last century, a large-scale outbreak of Spanish influenza originated from a kind of influenza virus in pigs.

Conclusion: after reading these, we can understand why Muslims don't eat pork. In our daily life, we try not to eat pork when we can, which is also responsible for our health.