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What is the relationship between Princess xuanyuanxiao and changsun? What's the matter with xuanyuan

Since its launch, Fuyao has been praised by the audience. The plot has been ups and downs. Is the appearance of xuanyuanxiao, Princess of Princess Dewang? Can you see that this is still the gentle and generous Huke? In the play, Huke tests xuanyuanxiao, so why does xuanyuanxiao go crazy? What is the relationship between xuanyuanxiao and changsun?

What is the ending of xuanyuanxiao in "whirlwind"?

Xuanyuanxiao is played by Hu Ke, who is the wife of the eldest grandson, Wuji's father, but he is crazy as soon as he appears.

Xuanyuanxiao used to be a very beautiful woman. She was the Pearl in the eyes of Taiyuan country and the real sister of Taiyuan emperor. She married King de and became Princess De. It's a very good marriage. After all, King Dewang was also a candidate for the emperor of Tianquan, but later the throne was taken by changsun.

In fact, xuanyuanxiao is quite miserable. There is no such character in the original work. The addition of xuanyuanxiao makes the whole plot more dramatic and cruel. Because there are two main contradictions between the stepless father, the eldest grandson and the eldest grandson: one is to seize power, the other is to be a woman.

Chang Sunquan and Chang Sunjia fell in love with Yuan Qingyi at the same time, but yuan Qingyi liked Chang Sunjia. Although yuan Qingyi was designed to marry herself after Chang Sunquan became emperor and became the supreme queen of Tianquan, she had the flesh and bones of Chang Sunjia at that time, that is, Chang sunwuji.

Such a thing is a disgrace to a man, let alone a king of a country. As the king of a country, his son is not his own dragon vein, which makes him very hard and sad. He also knew that what yuan Qingyi liked was Chang Sunjia, but he still wanted to possess her.

Then xuanyuanxiao is even more embarrassed. She belongs to the king of deep love, but the sincerity of the king of virtue gave yuan Qingyi. She was also pregnant with the son of the king of virtue. The birth of the eldest grandson made xuanyuanxiao, who knew the truth, at a loss, because his infatuation for many years was wrong payment, and xuanyuanxiao, who could not accept the blow, was insane.

​ in the further process of the plot, Fuyao is injured, and the long Princess takes care of her. The reason is that she gave birth to a daughter in her early life, named lian'er. However, her mother and daughter can't keep each other, so she put the purse on her daughter, and when she can't let Shifeng give it to Fuyao, she thinks that Fuyao is her daughter. She cares for her very much Dressing and taking out the clothes sewn for her daughter on every memorable day before for Fuyao to choose. It's really the greatness of maternal love. How can such a person be disrespected.

Later, Wuji asked Fuyao to inquire about the news in the long princess's mouth. Fuyao even thought that she would choose to refuse the friendship of the long princess, so she quarreled with Wumin for several days. Fuyao's fate is always helped by many noble people. I hope she can achieve good results with Wuji in the later plot.