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What is the archetype of the story "I am not the God of medicine"? Has Lu Yong been sentenced in rea

I'm not Yao Shen. I'm definitely the hottest movie in recent days. It's said that many people cry after watching it. They laugh and cry. It's one of the representative works of domestic movies. The movie "I am not the God of medicine" was recently held in Shanghai for thousands of people to watch. The movie will be officially released on July 6 and created by Ning Hao, Xu Zhengwen and Mu Ye. In fact, this movie is based on real events. Let's have a look.

According to the data, "I'm not the God of medicine" originated from the event of Lu Yong. Who is Lu Yong? Lu Yong, known as the "first person to buy anti-cancer drugs" in India.

At the age of 34, Lu Yong was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia and took the anticancer drug Gleevec for two years, which cost 564000 yuan. Later he switched to Indian generic drugs, which cost only one twentieth of the price. He recommended the drugs to other patients and helped to buy them on behalf of others. As a result, he was arrested for 'suspected of obstructing credit card management and selling fake drugs'.

Lu Yong's encounter was widely sympathized with. 1002 cancer patients signed a joint letter to support him, saying that Lu Yong 'has given more patients a path of self-help, so as to step out of the abyss of life disaster'.

It's the Dallas buyer's club, where the protagonist fights cancer, prejudice and the FDA.

Lu Yong was detained in the detention center 117 days later. On January 27, 2015, the people's Procuratorate of Yuanjiang City withdrew the prosecution. Two days later, Lu Yong was free again.

Lu Yong doesn't want to talk about this experience. He says, 'people always want to live. 'the above is the whole story of Lu Yong's event, because the release of "I'm not the God of medicine", it is estimated that many people will pay attention to this focus figure again.

"I'm not the God of medicine" tells the story of an unexpected visitor's unexpected visit, breaking the ordinary life of Cheng Yong (Xu Zheng), the owner of Shenyou store. From a male health care product vendor who can't pay the rent, he has become the exclusive agent of India's generic drugs.

With huge profits, his life changed dramatically, and he was named the God of medicine by the patients. Then, a battle of redemption began in the waves.

This movie may not be a perfect movie. It involves the plot, but it must be related to the vital interests of every Chinese. Compared with blindly pursuing IP, we need to encourage such a movie that criticizes social reality.

Xu Zheng, the producer and leading actor of the film, gave a speech on the spot: "it's a very happy thing that the film appears in China. I hope that the transformation of the little people, the light of human nature, will let you see the progress of our times. '

Director Wen Muye also warmly explains the theme of the film: 'smile to face all the sufferings in life, no matter when. This is my biggest feeling when I create. I must be optimistic and positive. '

Wang Chuanjun, the leading actor, is also optimistic and positive. Tan Zhuo and Wang Jiajia have moist eyes after watching the movie. Their common creative experience and the feeling of "playful people" are touching. Zhang Yuyi, the leading actor, shares the improvisation story in the film on the spot, adding luster to the film with a 'gift lens'.

After the show, many audiences said that wenmuye's proficiency was not like a new director at all. And the sadness and joy of Wang Chuanjun, Tan Zhuo, Zhang Ming and other small characters played by Cheng Yong in Xu Zheng also moved the audience. In particular, Zhang Ming's "yellow hair" has contributed the most emotional moment to the film.

"I'm not the God of medicine" has just finished 12 campus roadshows in 6 cities, and gained a lot of praise. The film is scheduled to be released nationwide on July 6. Xu Zheng is full of confidence in the film and 'we just need to evaluate it objectively. '