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Which of the four famous unofficial men's leagues do you like best?

&#After creation 101, bored netizens opened their brains and formed a flying official men's group for half fresh meat and uncles in the entertainment circle. They also said they would support them in their debut. Let's see who these combinations are.

​ &; nznd combination: he Jiong, SA bening, Da Zhangwei, Bai Jingting, Chen ruohuan.

He Jihe, a beautiful man once in four thousand years, is the last single king in the entertainment circle. Sabin &; is the most popular rap God. The soul of black bubble is burning in baijingting. Zhang Wei, the creative player of the king of solo, is brilliant. After taking a wrong path, he changes his mind and returns to Chen ruohuan.

​ TF old boys: Lei Jiayin, Li Guangming, Guo Jingfei;

The group is made up of three actors who have already left the meat stage and can't reach the level of uncle. They are Guo Jingfei, Li Guangming and Lei Jiayin. Because the three of them are over 100 years old, netizens jokingly call them "centenarians". Then, I was killed by tiantuan's love for each other's daily circle powder uncontrollably. I watched myself running more and more sideways on the road of chasing stars

​ Bailong guantian: Baiyu, Zhu Yilong, Peng Guanying, Zhai Tianlin

With the popularity of zhenhun, another combination of "white dragon crown heaven" came. What is "white dragon crown sky"? The so-called "white dragon crown sky" is that there are Bai Yu, Zhu Yilong, Peng Guanying and Zhai Tianlin. In fact, before the birth of this group, there were netizens commenting on the Internet after Zhu Yilong's popularity. Zhu Yilong, Zhai Tianlin and Peng Guanying were similar. They said that they were classmates of Beiying, and their acting skills were good, but they were not popular before that. And after the birth of the "white dragon crown" group, the poster of fan P's group has been prepared, which is also very textural.

​ four middle-aged sons: Xu Zheng, Huang Lei, Huang Bo, sun Honglei

Shuquan 101's four middle-aged sons, all of whom add up to 185 years old. First of all, Xu Zheng, the elder brother of Shanzheng, who is responsible for the traffic, once again made a fire with the movie "I am not the God of medicine". It can be said that he is the c-player of the four middle-aged sons. The popularity of "extreme pick" and "yearning for 2" has made Huang Lei's topic high all the time. Whether it's the chef or the God operator, Huang Lei has been a fan. Huang Bo has always been the guarantee of box office and public praise. Both businesses are high. When he was young, he was a singer and capable of performing arts. Since the discovery of one side of Yan Wang, he has brought his own variety effect.