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Is Huangmei season suitable for decoration? Precautions for decoration in Huangmei season

The biggest feature of Meiyu season is that there are many rainy days, frequent rainfall and rapid increase of humidity in the air. Is this season suitable for decoration? Will Huangmei season have a great impact on decoration? Let's learn about it together with small compilation of

1、 Impact on decoration materials:

1. The purchased wood materials (wood or wood board or floor) will expand when damped, and will contract when dried out, so it is easy to deform. When purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the merchants maintain the materials, observe whether the boards are deformed, moldy, rotten and other phenomena, and select dry and flat boards;

2. Purchase some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as bagged cement, gypsum board or some paint materials, and keep them in a dry state. Do not use them in case of caking;

3. During the transportation of the above materials, do not let the rain get wet. When stacking indoors, keep the materials well ventilated, and keep them in a closed state during the rain. If possible, turn them frequently;

2、 Impact on decoration process:

For the wood materials entering the construction site, such as veneer, floor and other surface materials, the sealing primer treatment shall be carried out. When the humidity is high, the paint on the surface of the wall and wood products shall not be applied.

In rainy days, the paint and paint will dry very slowly. It needs to increase lighting by using indoor small sun, and speed up by heating up; it can also use a pleasant diluent, which can volatilize quickly.

3、 Impact on decoration process

Putty powder shall be applied for two times, and must be polished and applied for the next time after the first time is completely dry, otherwise it will cause cracking.

Huangmeitian decoration paint will not get moldy, but it will blister and turn white. The problem can be solved by adding no more than 15% anti white water into the paint.

Wood paint and wall paint no matter who is in front of the operation, it must be confirmed that the paint surface constructed in front has been completely dry before the construction of another paint to prevent the mutation of the paint surface.

Special attention should be paid to the phenomenon that the paint does not show spots or exposed bottom, so it is necessary to ensure that the water is not locked in the inner layer before painting, and of course, the base course should be rough, free of oil and wax.

Judge whether the putty is completely dry or not, sand with sandpaper, and dry state is when the ash is not stuck.

The vast majority of people believe that Huangmei season has a great impact on the quality of home decoration, which is also called the off-season in the industry. In fact, many of today's home decoration has adopted new equipment, new technology and new materials. It's out of date to not decorate in Meiyu season.

In terms of specific analysis, the main impact is not only the painting and some of the plastering projects. This is because of the heavy rainfall in the rainy season, the high humidity of the air, the condensation of a layer of water vapor on the surface of the wall, etc.; the continuous rainy day will make the paint white, which will make the newly applied emulsion paint blister, or even fall off; when building the new wall, the cement and dust are not easy to dry, thus affecting the whole project.

But for the hydropower process, the negative impact is absolutely zero, there will be no impact; for the woodworking process, there is even the role of balancing the moisture content of wood products. So as long as we arrange the working procedure reasonably and make some adjustments during the construction, we can avoid all kinds of disadvantages in rainy days. For example, before applying putty to the wall, wipe the wet water vapor with a dry cloth, and use a blow dry agent. At the same time, open all doors and windows to keep ventilation, speed up the drying of the paint, and help to remove the toxic gas.

Therefore, Meiyu season rarely affects the construction quality. As long as you pay attention properly, you don't have to delay the decoration period just because Huangmei season is coming.