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Li Xiaolai cut leek recording exposure Li Xiaolai cut leek 53 minutes recording text version

Li Xiaolai's private conversation was recorded? What's the matter? What's the matter with 'cutting leeks'? I think many of my friends are still confused. Let's take a look at the original words of the video.

Late in July 3rd, a suspected recording of Li Xiaolai's conversations with people at the beginning of the year was exposed. In this 53 minute conversation, Li Xiaolai had many dirty words blurting out, and he also went to Tucao to go along, saying he sold air coins. Take a look at Li Xiaolai's recording of cutting leeks in 53 minutes.

Li Xiaolai's video recording of leek cutting

1. There are too many fools, but the consensus of fools is very important. The consensus of fools has more flow effect. There are many fools and consensus, which will produce value.

2. The ultimate rise of Ethereum is the work of the central bank. The central bank suddenly asked bitcoin in the exchange not to be cashed out, so liquidity went to Ethereum, so it went up to 2000, 3000, and then 10000.

3. Ripple rippler has been a project of silly x since the beginning. The core team of the project of silly X has gone through TM. Suddenly one day, there is a silly x, who is it? The most powerful investment bank on the earth is Softbank. Softbank, a silly x, came in to have a look, but TM didn't understand it, so he said that we started to support the Swiss currency, and it rose to the sky.

4. If you think value investment is right, you are doomed to be a silly and mediocre person. You must be wrong to talk about value investment here.

5. In fact, after I started to invest in bitcoin in 2013, I found that the most important thing in Fujian is the capital disk, which is all made by them. Including the original, which was about to die, and then there was a coin called reserve currency. I don't know how many meetings of 500 people were held in Fujian Province, from a few cents to more than 200.

6. It's easy to show you the way. First of all, you must be a net red. There is a biggest value in the value of blockchain called consensus value. What do you mean? It's not worth money, but there are so many people who believe in it, and it's worth money in the end.

7. How did Uncle Mao (the red man in the currency circle) get angry? At the end of 2015, I made a bitcoin survival guide group, a charge group of hundreds of people, which was handed over to Uncle Mao. He became the leader of that group and suddenly had an explosive influence.

8. I am actually a net red. I have a large readership. In the real world, my amount is nothing, but in the world of bitcoin, who has a million readers like me? I wrote a column in the bear market, and you can't make money, so you saved popularity. The next year Luo Zhenyu helped me sell books, and immediately I cooperated with him to get a column, so when the bull market came, my influence became greater than before.

9. The core competitiveness of the currency circle is the flow of people. Next, how do you cheat this matter? You can package it and manage it by public opinion. All excellent projects are 100 times than 1000 times, but you must be a fool to see the founder. The founder of litecoin is a silly x, but this silly X has done a powerful thing, claiming that 'bitcoin is gold, litecoin is silver', and he has been fooled by this sentence to this day.

10. I was the first one to sell him air currency. We sold him air currency for six months.

11. Sun Yuchen (founder of BoChang coin) must have been fooling, with a maximum of 14 billion yuan in the slot. Who can see that? To what extent? Knowing that he is fooling, I'm sorry to call him fooling, for fear that others call him stupid.

12. TM talks about value investment all day. Let me tell you an example: TM scolds TCM every day. TCM is silly x, but I really bought stocks of listed companies of TCM. Why is the truth simple? I know silly x, silly x, many. In business, in the end, there is no world more successful than the financial world.

13. No matter you speculate or invest, the one who makes money is successful. TM's I'll tell you a lot about the world outlook. If you don't make money, why do you invest? There is only one core goal: making money.

14. When I go out to grab money, I don't mean to discuss it with others at all. If you cooperate with me immediately, you can throw it away. Otherwise, don't cooperate, and don't talk nonsense.

15. In fact, people with normal judgment logic seldom enter the circle of bitcoin.

16. The national policy is our umbrella. The biggest currency is definitely Q currency. The biggest exchanges are Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange. Today's currency installation is nothing.

17. Most people don't have the experience of being the first. My life experience is quite special. When I was in primary school, the mathematics competition was the first in the county, and the computer competition was the first in middle school, so I didn't do many things first. The biggest driving force comes from here. For example, if you are working hard, a cheater exchange named Qian'an will rise up and leave you far behind. If you are working on a project normally, a guy named sun Yuchen will immediately make a market value of 14 billion yuan. How can we bear to treat ourselves like this. So not only do we have to do the first, but also speed up the acceleration, so we will think of various ways.

18. Zhao CHANGPENG (the founder of Qian'an) has a black history. The rise of Qian'an is nothing more than that when the country is in one size fits all situation, we shut him down, and we refused to return him, because he is a Canadian passport, that's the month. The coin safety technology is a good fart. I just lost the coin two days ago. It's the trend that makes heroes.

19. Be sure to open the exchange by yourself.

20. In the blockchain world, like the Internet before, losers are the best, and retail investors are the most powerful. Don't look at you scolding these silly x-users every day. They support you. What do you have to scold others for.

21. In the end, it actually means how to connect these people at the bottom, which is not well done on the mobile end.