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Schedule of the dog days in 2018 when does the dog days in 2018 start?

As the saying goes, "cold in September, hot in Sanfu". Sanfu is the hottest period of the year. The temperature is high, humid and sultry. How many days are there in total? How is the schedule divided? Let's take a look.

Q: when is the dog days in 2018 and when will they start?

A: the dog days of 2018 start from July 17, 2018.

Schedule of three rainy days in 2018 (40 rainy days in 2018)

Early lodging time in 2018: July 17-26, 2018, 10 days

Medium voltage time in 2018: July 27, 2018 - August 15, 2018, medium voltage, 20 days

Last fall of 2018: August 16-25, 2018, last fall, 10 days

Sanfu is the hottest 30 or 40 days of the year in Central China. Sanfu is calculated according to the lunar calendar, which is between the late July and the early August of the lunar calendar. The time of ambush is not fixed every year, and the length of the ambush is not the same. It needs to be calculated by checking the almanac. It can simply use the four word formula 'summer solstice three Geng' to express the date of ambush, that is, from the third 'Geng' day after the summer solstice, the first ambush is 10 days, the middle ambush is 10 days or 20 days, and the last ambush is 10 days.

In ancient China, the 'ganzhiji Japanese method' was popular. 60 groups of names, which were matched by 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches, were used to record the dates and circulate them. Every day when there is the word "Geng", it is called "Geng day". The word "Geng" of Geng day is the seventh of the ten Heavenly Stems of "a, B, C, D, e, I, G, Xin, Ren, GUI". Geng day is repeated every 10 days.

From the beginning of the summer solstice, according to the arrangement of the days of the GaN and Zhi dynasties, the third day of Geng is the first day of ambush, the fourth day of Geng is the middle day of ambush, and the first day of Geng after the beginning of autumn is the last day of ambush. When there are 4 g days between the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn, the median period is 10 days, and 5 g days is 20 days. It seems that the occurrence of the day of Geng will affect the length of the middle volt, so there are some years with 30 days of dog days and some years with 40 days of dog days.

How to eat when the dog days come

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that summer heat and dampness are suitable for clearing and tonifying. Especially during the dog days, people like to drink cold and drink too much water, which leads to the invasion of moisture into the human body, and the external wetness into the internal, which makes the water wet and firm the spleen, causes the rise and fall of the spleen and stomach, causes the disorder of digestive function, causes water accumulation and loss of appetite, etc. the symptoms of summer wetness are very unfavorable to the spleen.

So what should we eat in the dog days? We should eat more Gan Liang or Gan Han in our daily diet. And summer to the heart, and the heart like cool, appropriate to eat acid, so summer should be appropriate to eat more acid food. For example, you can often eat wheat products, plums, peaches, olives, pineapples, celery and so on. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the unity of heaven and man and the complementarity of yin and Yang. Therefore, in summer, people should eat more sour and sweet food and try not to eat spicy and warm dry food. But also to avoid eating too much cold drink to cause injury to the body's positive Qi and induce disease.