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What food can't peaches eat with? What are the taboos of eating peaches?

Peaches belong to better fruits, so can you drink milk after eating peaches? What are the eating taboos of eating peaches? Follow the small weaving of the four seas net to learn about it. What food can't I eat after eating peaches?

Can I drink milk after eating peaches?

Half an hour after eating peaches, the food will be digested, so it's better to drink milk half an hour after eating peaches.

Because peach contains vitamin B and milk contains high calcium, which can nourish the body, but people who are on fire can't drink milk and eat peach, because peach contains a cold nature and milk contains heat energy. If people who are on fire and people who have bad internal organs eat too much, their internal organs will be damaged. Peach and milk are not the same to people who are tired. Peach has vitamin B, which can reduce fatigue and milk can supplement the body.

What are the taboos of eating peaches

1. Even mature peaches can not eat too much, too much will make life hot;

2. At ordinary times, people who have excessive internal heat and are prone to sores and boils should not eat more.

3. It is better not to feed peaches to infants, because peaches contain a large number of macromolecular substances, which are difficult to digest due to poor gastrointestinal dialysis ability of infants, and are easy to cause allergic reactions.

4. Patients with multiple diseases and deficiency of body and patients with too weak gastrointestinal function should not eat it because it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines.

5. People who eat peaches can cause allergies to fast.

6. Immature peaches can't be eaten, or they will distend or have boils and carbuncle.

7. Rotten peach must not be eaten.

8. Peaches should not be eaten with turtles.

9. Diabetic patients and hyperglycemia should eat less peaches.

What are the nutritional values of peaches? 1. Peaches have the functions of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing yin and promoting body fluid. They can be used for those with deficiency of Qi and blood, sallow complexion, thin flesh and short heart palpitation and shortness of breath after serious illness;

2. Peach has a high iron content and is an ideal supplementary food for iron deficiency anemia patients;

3. Peach contains more potassium and less sodium, which is suitable for patients with edema;

4. Taoren has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, moistening intestines and defecating, which can be used for amenorrhea, trauma and other auxiliary treatment;

5. Peach kernel extract has anticoagulant effect, and can inhibit cough center and stop cough, at the same time, it can reduce blood pressure, which can be used in the auxiliary treatment of hypertension patients;

6. Peach blossom has the effect of detumescence and diuresis. It can be used to treat swollen ascites, dry stool, poor urination and foot swelling.

Although peaches are nutritious, they should not be eaten in large quantities, especially when they are on fire