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Why is k so angry? What is the original name of daigulak's profile

has many talented people on the jitter. Recently, a sister named "K" has been popular rapidly. Daigulak is sweet in appearance, but charming in dancing. Daigulak is famous for her electric hip dance. Do you know more about her? Let's get to know.

how loud is the K?

170cm. Daigulak, born on February 18, 1996, is a native of Northeast China. A lot of people are in circles because of the shaking of the K. The little sister is not only smiling, but also a big long leg. Daigulak in the video looks very tall. Before, it seemed that some netizens asked how tall the little sister was in the comments. My answer was 170cm, plus it was very thin, so it was amazing to see the long legs in the video.

Why is Dracula so hot

Daigulak is popular because of the hip swing dance, which was originally a very common dance, and many people imitated it. However, the reason why daigulak became popular is that the dance itself danced well. One is that it has a high face value, a very infectious smile, and it is impressive.

However, some netizens also said that they felt that there was a pusher behind them, but anyway, most netizens really said that they were surrounded by the little sister's sweet smile. Although daigulak himself said that he didn't learn dance professionally, he danced very well, and kept up with the popular rhythm every time. The videos were all popular at present. Even if there is a pusher behind, it can only be pushed when it has its own conditions!

K has completed 5 million fans growth in the 10 day of shaking, and the fans have broken through 8 million in 21 days. With the current growth rate, it will soon surpass ten million fans. Compared with the second Buddhist monks in the list, as well as other tens of millions of trembling voices, such as Papi sauce and traffic stars, the growth miracle of K is that she has completed the transformation from a vegetarian to a chattering phenomenon in the jitter. There is no other channel of traffic introduction. There is no popular basis for net red stars, and has been promoted to a vibrato pole type person in a very short time. With a beautiful smile, netizens are called the most beautiful smile. The last one who got similar results on the trembling sound was only the national school fee.

Daigulak began to be known by more netizens. It was a popular dance video that was released on April 18 by daigulak. It was quickly made into dynamic pictures by netizens, and began to spread in a viral way, occupying the mobile phone screensaver and computer screen of each big otaku man. Up to now, the video playback volume has exceeded 120 million, 7 million 40 thousand points, 1 million 150 thousand forwarding, and become a rare flow absorber on jitter.

According to the official voice platform, the total number of fans at k is over 8 million 500 thousand, making it one of the first dancers. Morgen, who ranks the first in the middle and long term in the category of dance pendants, has 6.06 million fans. Both the total number of fans and the speed of increasing fans are far exceeded by daigulak. Starting from the vertical category, and making a single breakthrough with the iconic smile, daigulak's distinctive human design and affinity are enough to conquer the young groups mainly in the first and second tier cities.