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How to use the SK2 products best?

For beauty paper, do you like to plant grass for the whole skincare products of SK2? But do you know how to use the whole SK2 product correctly? Is it very confusing for the first time users? Just follow Xiaobian to get to know it.

use strategy steps

1: daily cleaning "amino acid foam cleansing milk": this kind of facial milk is light and high moisturizing ingredients. It will not be very tight after washing. It feels that the skin is slippery and has bought two bottles. Recommended for wall cracks.

Step 2: the second cleaning "skin rejuvenating and crystal clear dew": use cotton pad to wipe, the main function is to weaken the old horniness, so that the follow-up maintenance products will be better absorbed. But! Do not suggest to use everyday, can make cuticle thin Oh.

Step 3: conditioning "huancai Zhenxi Qingying dew": I have to boast that this bottle is really beautiful, and the taste is the best I think! After wiping, I feel that there is water entering the skin! It absorbs quickly! My favorite!!

Step 4: maintain "immortal water": then you can wipe the famous immortal water! This one doesn't need to be introduced, how easy to use it is known to all. Replenish water and regulate skin water oil balance and pH balance.

Step 5: repair the moisturizing and repairing essence. This repair essence is the highlight. 4 times pitera pitera refers to the mother liquor. It is the most abundant ingredient in the fairy water. The pitera of this bottle is four times that of the celestial water. It shows that there are many effective moisturizers. The skin saver is equivalent to a layer of invisible water film.

Step 6: targeted repair "small silver bottle": oil skin is prone to acne, while our dry skin is prone to spot, so if you don't want to face spots in the future, you must use it early. The small silver bottle I bought is said to be out of print now. I only apply it to the spot near the temple. It's not recommended to apply it on the whole face, because the products for freckle removal generally contain hormones. If you want to buy it, you can buy a small bulb as a substitute, which is also freckle removing. The price is a little more expensive than a small silver bottle.

Step 7: nourish "big red bottle": there are some oils, but if I use this re makeup for dry skin care, I'm sure it won't peel. Because the big red bottle is! Really! Very! Zi! Run!

Step 8: eye care (eye cream): girls should start eye care from the age of 20! So really buy eye cream and use eye cream. As for the effect, it will be effective only if we persist for a long time.

Step 9: "sunscreen isolation": if it's daytime skin care, remove 6 and 8 and replace them with isolation, then you can put on makeup.

Step 10. "ex boyfriend mask": it is said that after finishing the mask, you will be covered by your mask for second days, and your skin needs breathing as well. I apply the mask two days a week and then wash my face, then I do not apply anything. Let the skin breathe well all night.

Tips for counter purchase

First of all, when you arrive at the counter, you must ask the counter elder sister to do a skin test for yourself! Although you must know that you are a dry skin! But if you don't do it in white, you can't do it. Generally, there are skin testers in the counter.

Then, there are two products that don't mind buying rejuvenating lotion and eye cream. Because this general counter will send, as shown in Figure 9, my three bottles of skin rejuvenating and crystal clear dew are sent. This is not commonly used, and the dosage is small, and the general gifts can be used for a long time, oh ~ mind if you play coquettish!

In a word, if you are also a big dry skin, it is the most simple and comprehensive skin care steps to buy according to the above article. It is dedicated to the babies who are also dry skin

Those ladies who say that SK2 can only be used for oil skin don't come to me to find a sense of existence? I've never heard of a brand that is suitable for oil skin and can't be used for dry skin, just like whoo, which is also divided into weather pill, Tianjin rate share and water Research Series! Really, SK2 is not opened in my family, and you can't make money if you buy it. Can we respect other people's efforts if we just share the post? In addition, it's not suitable for dry skin if we only use fairy water. Please check the questions clearly. I mean a complete set of skin care products, because I match with high water supplement products.