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CCTV commentators don't know that they made low-level mistakes in overtime World Cup

In the final game of the 1 / 8 final, the match between England and Colombia took place. But last night, CCTV commentators made a fatal mistake. They didn't know that the overtime match had 30 minutes, which was really hard injury.

In addition to the smell of gunpowder on the field, both sides played a dull attack. In the 90 minutes, only Kane scored on penalties. However, in the stoppage period, Colombian defender Mina again headed the goal, dragging the game into extra time. During the extra time game, both sides are able to limit the input of attack, and the fans are drowsy.

However, in the 110th minute, the enthusiasm of the fans to watch the ball was ignited by a sentence from CCTV host Hong ganghong: "the game is five minutes away, and it's finally about to be a penalty shoot out, which makes people want to be sleepy.".

113 minutes, Mr. Hong said again, 'there are only two minutes left for the competition. '

117 minutes, 'won't the referee stop the game?'

118 minutes, 'there's still time. '

Well, what's that, Mr. Hong, are you still awake? Shouldn't the extra time game of the football match end in 120 minutes? This game is a bit dull, but it's not really sleeping, is it?

However, Mr. Hong immediately realized his mistake, and half jokingly explained to the fans, 'I have no oxygen in my brain', which made the fans laugh.

Watching the whole game, the biggest impression left to the fans is Miss Hong's slip of tongue. It's obvious that although Mr. Hong is in charge of explaining volleyball and badminton, his knowledge of the history of football is invaluable. His style of commentary is calm and calm. Let him explain the 120 minute competition alone. It's hard to avoid relaxing mentally. However, it is not the first time Mr. Hong has made such a big mistake in his commentary. I hope he can adjust his work and rest during the world cup, and contribute more professional and wonderful explanations to our fans in a fuller spirit.

Of course, this game is not as boring as Mr. Hong said. Especially in the final penalty shootout, the young three lions team defeated themselves, breaking the embarrassing curse of the team's history of penalty invincible, 5-4 out of Colombia. Coach Southgate has also successfully completed his own redemption. He scored a penalty in the semi-final for England in the 1996 European Championship.

So far, England have finished the first test in the second half, and their next match in the quarter finals will be Sweden. It's also a hard bone to chew. You know, Sweden's World Cup tour can be described as a cut-off, Italy, Holland, Germany and other teams have become their dead souls. It is not easy for England to get a bargain on them. However, they are regarded as the most competitive team in the second half of the competition. I believe that for them, the goal of reaching the top 4 and the semi-finals may have been put on the agenda. Look forward to their next performance.

It wasn't until the 119th minute that he realized that he had made a mistake. I don't know if someone reminded him. He said: 'I'm sorry, it's been a mess. It's the last minute before the end of the game. 'then he apologized again at the end of the game. Maybe he's just suffering from fever. He doesn't even understand the basic rules.