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Can I take a bath and blow the air conditioner after sticking the three Fu patch? Notes on sticking

Sanfu paste is a popular ancient recipe, which has a good health preservation effect. Every year, many people start to paste Sanfu paste to regulate their body. However, there are many taboos after pasting the three - fold stickers. Can you take a bath and blow the air conditioner after pasting the three - fold stickers in summer?

Can I take a bath after sticking the three - Fu patch?

It is forbidden to take a bath immediately after sticking the three Fu patch, because the pores of the body are open, and the affected part is easy to affect the efficacy of the drug, which will also cause skin damage, inflammation and other symptoms, and even serious risk of ulceration. Avoid cold stimulation after application. Do not bathe for at least 10 hours after application. Do not blow air conditioner or fan directly. Then in a short period of time after the bath also try not to rub the sticking parts. The temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low.

Generally speaking, it's better not to take a bath within 12 hours after sticking the three Fu plaster. For those with good physical quality, do not take a bath within 10 hours to avoid cold.

Just after taking a bath, can I have three pushups?

After bathing, of course, you can stick three - fold stickers, and it's better to stick three - fold stickers after bathing. Because the bath can take away the sweat and dust of the day, there will be no stain blocking the pores after the bath.

Originally, we should pay attention to protect and clean the skin, especially the skin of acupoints. Prepare for mosquito prevention before going out to prevent skin swelling or infection caused by mosquito bites. The day before application, take a bath with gentle bath products to remove the grease on the skin surface. So, it's better to take a bath first and then paste it.

Just, after taking a bath, remember to dry your body and stick three pushups.

Avoid cold after three volt sticking

The body is weak after sticking the three Fu plaster. It is not suitable to eat frozen food. Frozen food deposited in the body will cause cold air stagnation, which will affect the effect of the three Fu plaster. The temperature in the air conditioning room is too low to avoid cold air intrusion. After application, there will be fever and other feelings. You can stay in a cool place, but you must not be greedy for cool.

Tips: due to the pungent and irritant nature of the drugs applied, the skin of patients with sensitive skin will develop small blisters or leave superficial scars after application, which is a normal phenomenon. From the clinical observation, after the skin appears small blister, it can produce longer-term stimulation to the acupoint, achieve the further treatment effect, and the curative effect is better. But we should pay attention to protect the wound and avoid the infection caused by the blister. If there is complicated infection, we should go to the hospital in time.